Monday, May 07, 2012

The May Update

Now that everyone has sufficiently admired Chloe’s room, I can blog again.  I didn’t really mean to disappear so abruptly after a month’s worth of (almost) daily posts, but I obviously have no trouble breaking habits.  And now that I haven’t blogged for a week, I don’t even know what to write.  Nothing too exciting is going on over here these days … just normal life, which is nothing to complain about.  We had a really nice weekend … got together with friends Friday night, went to Neve’s gymnastics show Saturday, and the museum on Sunday.  Besides that, we took it easy and spent time outside.  We went for a bike ride to the park and Sargent Sundae, which worked out very well.  Neve is now riding Spencer’s old bike, which is much bigger than her previous one and made the ride go a lot faster than last year.  She hasn’t mastered the hand brakes though, so that adds an element of fear and stress to the experience.  A couple of times, when she had to make a sharp turn, she came very, very close to hitting a tree or other stationary object because she couldn’t slow down.  After one particularly close call, she said, “WOW!  Jesus just saved my life!”  I felt the same way.  He was probably very relieved when we made it home.

Neve on the balance beam

Just as Neve’s gymnastics class is winding down, other activities are ramping up.  Soccer started last week for Neve, and she’s enjoying it so far.  The coach seems great and four of Neve’s friends are on the same team, so it should be a good year.  At least the social part will be; whether they play well is secondary.

Neve and her beloved friend Tegan after their gymnastics show

Spencer and Chloe are doing running club after school two days a week, and Spencer starts basketball after school tomorrow.  His fencing goes into June, so he’ll be getting his share of physical exercise in the next two months.  Oh, and he also goes for a run with Dale sometimes to get in shape for the marathon Super Run (2.6 miles).

Chloe and I continue to run a few times a week in preparation for our half marathon in June.  We’re actually ahead of schedule in our training. I had padded the schedule in case of sickness, injury, or being too busy to run, but we’ve stuck to it pretty closely.  I’ve decided to do fewer long runs than I originally planned because I really don’t want Chloe to overtrain and get an injury.  We ran 12 miles last weekend and it went much better than anticipated, so besides one 13-miler, I think we’ll keep our weekend runs in the five to ten mile range from now on.  Chloe’s been doing great; mark your calendars for Father’s Day to come out and cheer for her.  If you’re there anyway, you may as well call out something encouraging to me too, preferably about how I’m almost at the finish line or about how good I look with a bright red sweaty face.  I hope no one yells, “MOVE OVER, the full marathoners are coming through!”  That could totally happen, but I wish it wouldn’t.

Dandelion season is in full swing and Neve couldn’t be happier.  Well, she’d be even happier if less people used herbicides.  She spent ten minutes after school picking the dandelions from a neighbour’s lawn.  She would’ve got back for more if I’d let her.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Way to go Chloe on the running! That's awesome! And Ellen, too, of course.

I ran the half marathon relay with Jenn on year - so we each did just over 10 k. I did the first half of it and made good time. I was prostrated on the ground trying to collect my lungs when the first person to FINISH the FULL HALF came running across the finish line. They were about 10 minutes behind me, probably not even. I did not feel so speedy after that.

Love the image of Neve on her bike. Way too funny - but only because I am not the one trying to keep her safe. I'll leave that to the Big guy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jesus! :)

I'm glad your dandelions go in a boys always want put them in my hair. By the end of a walk I've got a nice big yellow afro.

p.s. Thanks for blogging...I was in withdrawal.

Daniel said...

Neve makes me smile! Cute pic of her and her friend! That'll be a keeper for them.

joan said...

Wow, I never thought dandelions could look so good!! Makes me want to stop spraying! I love the picture of Neve and her friend!