Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

I thought I’d better quickly write about last weekend before the next weekend is upon us.  There were lots of things to write about, but luckily for you I’ve forgotten most of them, so I’ll summarize.

Last Friday I spent the day at my Leadership Winnipeg class.  I think I’ve written about this before; it’s a year-long class that meets once a month and learns about different Winnipeg-related issues in the hopes that we will one day be leaders ourselves.  I’m pretty sure that’s not really my goal, but I’m enjoying it anyway.  This class was my favourite one.  We spent time at the Immigrant Centre, Assentworks,  the Fort Garry Hotel and Yoga Public .  It was an interesting mix, but I loved each place.  It always amazes me to learn how much is going on in this city that I had no idea about.

I especially loved the Fort Garry Hotel segment.  Ida Albo, one of the owners, spoke about how she and her husband first acquired the hotel when it was struggling, and how they turned it around to be profitable.  She also gave us a tour of parts of the hotel they’ve restored (including the former Crystal Casino) and the Ten Spa on the tenth floor, which used to be the maids’ quarters.  She also took us to the lower levels; there are three full levels below ground.  The bottom level has a tunnel to the train station, but we didn’t see it. It's such an amazing building.

Then we went to Yoga Public, which is down the street in the old Carlton Club building.  The Fort Garry Hotel owners started this business as well; it’s only been open for a few months.  I’ve never done yoga, but seeing that studio really makes me want to.  It’s beautiful and sleek and apparently has cutting-edge yoga technology.  I don’t think those are the words they used, but I was impressed.  We all got passes for a free class, which I can’t wait to use.  Siobhan – aren’t you coming for a visit soon?  Maybe I’ll wait until then and we can go together.  And you’ll fall in love with it and get a job there and move back here.  I’ve got your life all planned out.

Moving on to Mother’s Day.  I had a lovely day.  We had dinner with Dale’s mom, lunch with mine, and breakfast at home.  I was served strawberry & banana crepes in bed and the kids gave me all the awesome gifts they made at school.  I love how excited they were to give them to me, and how cute the gifts were. Chloe is past the stage of school-made presents, so she bought me things.  She did good; she bought me things she knew I'd love.  Dale also gave me a new wallet and a gift certificate for a pedicure.  The children were all on their best behaviour and I felt very loved.  I wish that love could stretch past Mother’s Day, but I’ll take what I can get.  I can't complain; I feel very lucky to be their mom.

Neve gave me a plate she painted, along with the tissue paper flower below.

I don't think nice to her I am always, but I'm glad she thinks so.

Spencer wrote me two poems.  The first was meant to be funny, and the second heart-felt.  Notice how the first letters spell my name.  Not pictured is the cute painted flowers bordering the poem.

Chloe gave me a card, a Godiva chocolate bar, nice soaps and body butter from the Body Shop.   She knows me well.

If I had known I would be a hand model, I would have done my nails.

Coming up next: Furniture-painting project.


Daniel said...

You are very blessed to have those kids, and they are equally blessed to have you as their Mom!
I laughed (nearly out loud, but didn't want to wake Jenn) at Spencer's first poem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Neve was mixing her love for Star Wars with her love for you...a little Yoda-ese poem. :)

You are a great mom.
P.S. I went and bought my tile and paint for my new bathroom with out you...if it doesn't turn out it's all your fault. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha! the comments are just as funny as the blog!!

I thought Yoda as well, and Spencer's - too funny!!

I would LOVE to tour the Hotel Ft Garry like that. Did you see any ghosts or get chills down your spine or hear a child whisper in your ear only to turn and have no one there???

Man, I gotta write a ghost story. I'm scaring myself just thinking about it!

Yoga - yes. And planning my life - an even bigger yes. I'm so confused by it these days.


L said...

S-L - You should thank me for not helping with your paint colours. I am the worst paint-picker in the wold. I always ask Shannon to help. I even have to get professional advice for picking out nail polish colours.