Tuesday, June 05, 2012

And June comes around again

May has somehow turned into June (does it do that every year?) and the final month of school is well under way.  I think I say this every year, but I wish the time between spring break and the end of June would slooooow down.  I love this time of year and it always zips by in a blur and then suddenly it’s summer.  Which is awesome, but that just means it’s almost fall again.  Well, that’s enough reflection about the passage of time and my inability to do anything about it.

Beloved time that it is, June is also The Crazy Month.  Between the three children, there are special school events almost every single day.  Today’s school event was Spencer’s French Café, where the grade fivers performed The Three Little Pigs in tortured French while the parents ate brownies.  Could be worse.

Hand-in-hand with all the school busy-ness comes high emotions and edginess.  Spencer is angry, Chloe is tired, and Neve cries at least once (sometimes the whole way) either to or from school each day.  Today Neve’s crying was somewhat justified.  On Sunday, my mom gave Neve a robin nest with two abandoned eggs to take to school to show her class.  She forgot to bring it yesterday, so she took it today and was skipping happily to school when she suddenly tripped and the plastic toolbox she was transporting the nest in, crashed to the sidewalk.  Sadly both eggs broke and there was yolk everywhere.  I wiped it on the grass as best as I could and put the broken eggs back in the nest, but Neve was so disappointed.  I promised Grandma would find her another nest with eggs, which cheered her up (just kidding, Mom).  I had coached her beforehand to make sure she stressed to her teacher and friends that the nest was abandoned so that no one would think ill of us for breaking up a bird family.  So right after the eggs broke, she said, “Well at least now I don’t have to tell people the nest was abandoned!  They’ll just think the baby birds hatched and flew away.”  I’m not sure how she’ll explain the sticky yolk everywhere, but I love how she finds something positive in almost any situation.

Speaking of birds, you have to read this This is one of my favourite blogs right now.  Her willingness to let birds make a nest by her front door disturbs me, but I love her style of writing and sense of humour.

On top of school functions, wind-ups, and the flurry of birthday parties for the unlucky summer birthday kids, Chloe and I are off to a retreat this weekend with the teen mom group I volunteer with.  This is maybe the fourth year I’ve gone, so believe me when I tell you the word “retreat” does not accurately describe this situation.  I’m not the retreat type - nor the “retreat” type - so it’s a little overwhelming for me, but I always have more fun than I think I will.  The weekend is a highlight for many of the moms and kids, which makes it Worth It.  The forecast looks lovely at this point, so I’m even going so far as to cautiously raise my expectations.

Our excitement this weekend was a trip to Emergency.  We’ve been trying to get Spencer to step away from his books and his screens, so Dale successfully got him playing baseball with him across the back lane on Saturday night.  Much to our happy surprise, Spencer loved it and didn’t want to stop playing, even when I had everything ready to make smores.  But it all came to a bloody end when Spencer hit the ball and threw the bat down to start running.  Somehow the bat ended up hitting Dale on the side of his forehead, knocking him to the ground.  He came into the backyard with blood streaming down his face.  There was a giant bump on his head – I’ve never seen a bump like that, never mind one that formed so fast.  It was like the cartoons where Wile E Coyote gets hit with something and a big red bump instantly springs up.  It was so big and alarming that I freaked and took him to emergency (Dale, not Wile E Coyote).  He waited for a couple of hours with an ice pack on his head, so by the time the doctor saw him, the swelling was way down and just a little cut was left.  I guess that’s the good thing about long emergency waits; some of the problems fix themselves.  We felt a little silly, but I’m always nervous about head injuries.  You always hear about people feeling completely fine after a bump to the head, but then they die in the night.  Well, maybe “always” is an exaggeration, but I think someone told me they’d read that once.  At least Dale got a tetanus shot, so it wasn’t a completely wasted trip.  And there are less exciting ways to spend a Saturday night than at Emergency.  We especially enjoyed the woman whose intermittent yelling gradually evolved to bloodcurdling screams.
The swelling had already subsided when I took this picture.  Doesn't the ER look like fun?  People are laughing and watching TV.  Why can't the screaming woman chill out and join the fun? 

Spencer felt terrible about it, no matter how much we told him he shouldn’t.  He was very quiet the rest of the evening, and very relieved when everything turned out okay.  Luckily we had an idyllic day before the bat incident:  kids running through the sprinkler, going to the Academy Street festival, and time spent playing games and reading outside.  The weather was perfect (and continues to be this week).  

Neve's been doing a lot of reading up in the playstructure.  She's hooked on the Ivy & Bean series.

Butterfly on our deck.  Flower at the top; butterfly here - I'm turning into a nature photographer.
The fire shortly before I had to douse it with the hose before taking Dale to the hospital.

Notice the "How May I Annoy You Today" on his shirt.  Maybe by hurling a bat at your head?  (Just kidding Spencer, it wasn't your fault.)


Anonymous said...

This post was too funny! Sorry Dale...glad you are okay but that is a kind of funny story. And shirt. :)


Anonymous said...

I love that you have carpet in your play structure. Awesome!

Tell Spencer I got hit with a thrown bat right across the nose and my dad made me sit on the bench and bleed into my uniform until the end of the game before taking me to the hospital. :) Sorry to hear about your injury Dale...but suck it up. Just kidding!


Anonymous said...

Oh. Em. Gee. THAT looks PAINFUL!!! I hurt and feel faint just looking at it. Poor Spencer. I can only imagine how he feels.

And SL - OW!!!!

Other than all that pain - funny blog!! I read the bird one. Cute, but you are way more witty and entertaining, Ellen. Seriously.

I also love that you have carpet in the treehouse.


Daniel said...

Ouch, that lump on the head looks nasty!
Lots of good reading in this post! Hope you survive the last, busy month of school!