Tuesday, June 26, 2012

End of an era

Today was Chloe's very last day of school.  That's different than her last day of school, which was Thursday.  Today was a recreational day, which doesn't really count.  But any way you look at it, today was her last day as a student here.  I think she was finding it hard, but she kept a brave face.  She's had a great experience there and has some close friends that she's sad to leave, but she's also excited to move on to new challenges and opportunities. Stay tuned to see how things go in the fall.

Last Friday, Chloe and I treated ourselves to celebrate running the half marathon.  It was a beautiful day and we rode our bikes downtown right after we dropped Neve off at school.  The first stop was the Fort Garry Hotel, where we spent the morning at Ten Spa.  We both had massages and spent time in the steam room, and also lazed in the lounge eating cookies and reading magazines.  It was so relaxing and refreshing and luxurious.  Chloe loved it and felt pretty special since they normally don’t allow anyone under 16 at the spa.  During one of my Leadership Winnipeg classes, I met the spa manager and she was kind enough to make an exception for us.

After that, we biked over to the Exchange and had lunch at the Free Press Café.  We walked around the shops for a while and then headed to Portage Place.  Chloe has been wanting her ears pierced (a second set) so we tried to find a place that did ear piercing.  Finally we found a salon in Portage Place that did it.  We had to wait a few minutes until the guy who did piercings was ready, and then we followed him to the back of the salon.  We went into a tiny room that had their washer and dryer and a little kitchen.  Off that room was an even smaller room that was only big enough to hold a dentist-like chair.  It looked like hard times had befallen this room; the walls were grimy and bare.  I don’t know what kind of procedures they normally perform in that room, but I have a feeling it’s nothing good.  Every instinct told me to run out of there, but I usually ignore my instincts and things usually work out in the end.  After some confusion about where on her ear she wanted the piercing (“do you want it in the same spot as the holes you already have?”) and the guy trying to convince Chloe to choose flashier studs, everything went okay.  I took some pictures with Chloe's iPod, but she never lets me have access to it to retrieve the pictures. When we left, I realized it was a shop that specialized in African American hair and products.  That would explain why we were the only Caucasians there. 

Anyway, Chloe now has her double piercings, and so far no infection has set in so hopefully we're good.  Afterward, we cycled back home to pick up Neve from school and that was our day.


Daniel said...

I like the subtlety of the first sentence.

Nice going on the spa day! Part of "Leadership" is learning to get the best advantages for yourself! ;)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mom getting Chloe into 10 Spa. And way to go for not panicking in the hair salon piercing room.