Thursday, June 14, 2012


Neve's been playing soccer this spring. She has a few very good friends on her team, so she's been having a lot of fun.  But last Tuesday, she decided she didn't want to go anymore.  I made her go anyway and she came home with a new passion for the game, due entirely to the fact that they scored many goals and the other team scored none.  Today she was fired up and happy and playing like she meant it.  And she scored her first goal!  In an unusual stroke of luck, Dale, his mom, and I were all there to see it happen.  Dale and I have never both been at one of her games before.  It was also the only time I've brought my camera, and although I didn't get a video of her goal, I took a few other pictures.

The typical soccer cluster:

Neve playing in net.  Not exactly an agressive goalie stance:

The ball is coming closer... still standing and smiling with her arms at her side.  Thank goodness for aggressive defence.

She makes the save!

And makes the kick. 

 She's no one-trick pony either; now she's playing forward.

Happy, tired girl...

I'm hoping Neve's new-found enthusiasm lasts and that we have many years of soccer ahead of us.  Chloe and Spencer were never that interested in soccer, so all our hopes are pinned on this one.  No pressure.


Rose said...

Way to go, Neve! Loved the sequence of pictures to go with it all.

Daniel said...

Great action shots!! GO NEVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed - loved the photos! yay Nevey!!!


Anonymous said...

Tell Neve I think she looks like the makings of a great soccer player. :)