Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where do I put all these certificates?

How do you like the flurry of blog entries I’ve been doing?  There’s a lot to document this month.  I have lots of things I could say about spending a great day yesterday with Siobhan including some time with Corinna and Sheri-Lee, about preparing for our summer vacation, about our van issues, and about an unfortunate and ongoing tooth fairy situation we’re dealing with.  But today’s feature is the accomplishments of my children.  They’re not the highest achievers in the world, so I feel I should recognize the things they do accomplish.  Don’t feel you have to read this; I just thought I’d write something nice about my kids to make up for the times I complain about them on the blog.  Although I’m complaining about them less; as they grow older and know that they (or their friends) may read this, I’m trying to be more careful.  I know careful = no fun, but that’s how it goes.

Spencer’s fencing finished up for the year last Saturday.  He loved fencing and seemed to be fairly good at it.  When I introduced myself to his coach on Saturday (Dale usually takes Spencer to class), her eyes seemed to light up (it’s possible that I was imagining this, but I thought I saw a glimmer) and she told me he’s picked up the sport quickly, has great potential and should enter more competitions next year.  He was tested for his first level and got his certificate and badge on Friday.

Spencer the Fencer

At the end of the school year, every student gets a certificate from their teacher listing three positive attributes about them.  They’re kind of cheesy, but it’s always interesting to see how their teacher has perceived them.  Spencer’s certificate said: sense of humour, expressive reading, and loyalty.  I love those because I totally agree with all three and they’re all things that are important to me.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but his teacher was our former babysitter, who is very loved by our family.  She’s an amazing teacher and Spencer’s had such a good year with her.  I’m so impressed that as a new teacher (this was her second year), she’s already so wise when it comes to meeting the kids’ needs and creating a great environment in her class.

Chloe’s school awards night was last night.  It was long and not particularly interesting, but she came away with two awards, including Honours with Distinction for an overall average of 93% (not to be confused with Honours with Great Distinction for averages about 95%).  We’re pretty proud of her, especially me since I’m the one she gets the brains from.  I hope Dale doesn’t read this.

And there’s Neve.  I don’t think there are any awards in Grade 1; if there are, she didn’t win them.  But she also had a wonderful year, despite a rough fall with some anxiety issues.  Her teacher and the principal were so good to her and things improved greatly after Christmas.  Her teacher was covering a maternity leave and is moving on to a job at another school next year, so the whole school is very sad to see her go.  She was warm and kind and funny and poured so much energy and passion into her class.  The things they did and learned were amazing.  

One other significant thing Neve did lately was spending the night at her friend's cottage last weekend.  She really wanted to go, but it made her so anxious (what if I throw up?) that she almost turned down the invitation.  But she remembered all the fun we had when we visited their cottage last summer that she battled her fears and went.  She was a little teary when she phoned me Saturday night, but other than that, she did great.  It was a good confidence-builder for her.  And amazing for us since we got so much done with her away.

And now I’m going to steal some of the kids’ thunder and turn the attention to myself.  I’ve talked about the Leadership Winnipeg class I’ve been taking … we had our “grad” a couple of weeks ago, as well as our book launch.  We interviewed different community leaders and compiled it all in a book, which is available on  I don’t expect anyone to buy the book, nor do we make any money off it even if you do, but you can view it here.  It was a fun experience, and nice to have it finished as well.  In this awkward photo, I am leaning very close to one guy and very far from the other.  The guy on the left is the Chamber president/my boss so I guess I feel a lot closer to him.  It doesn't look like the guy on the right is offended though.  He's smiling and happy being his own little island.

Well, I’ve probably used the word amazing enough times for today, so I’ll sign off. We're heading off on vacation tomorrow, so I won't promise any blogging while we're away but we'll see.  When we get back, however, there will be maritime themed blog posts for weeks.


Daniel said...

You got to see Siobhan?!?! You see her more often than we do.
I'm looking forward to the maritime posts in a few weeks! Don't forget the bunny.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, I even got to see Siobhan! :)

Ellen, your kids are great and achieve at life, which sadly school's do not give certificates for.

Have a great holiday!

Anonymous said...

And I got to see Ellen! And Sheri-Lee! And Corinna! And Chloe!! What a great morning - I feel like I've know you guys forever (well, Ellen I kind of have known forever, and Chloe I REALLY have known for HER ever, but C and SL not in real life! SO FUN!!)

Can't wait to see the Maritime blogs! Safe journey you guys! I mis you already!