Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Future Olympian / Family Weekend 2012

Since Siobhan asked so nicely in her blog comment, I will try to post something every day this week.  I’m sure reading my blog is exactly what everyone feels like doing when they could be watching the Olympics instead.  We’ve been spending a lot of time watching TV in our dark, damp basement.  I believe it’s almost an unpardonable sin to watch TV in the summer (except to keep the kids occupied when necessary – there are always gray areas), so I feel conflicted but it’s been so hot that it’s sort of a relief to spend time in the cellar.

Spencer has been absolutely obsessed about the Olympics.  His goal of becoming an Olympic athlete began during the 2010 winter games and hasn’t subsided since.  His zeal has increased since they began on the weekend and he knows so much trivia about every sport, it’s not even funny.  He told me getting to the Olympics was number four on his list of goals.  I asked what number one was, and he said, “Winning gold.”  He’s not a fan of drinking milk, but this morning I saw he had poured himself a glass and drank the whole thing.  “I have to increase my calcium,” he said.  When he’s not watching the games, he’s either memorizing his Olympic edition of Owl magazine or building an Olympic scene out of Lego (quite impressive).  He goes to camp next week and is very upset about it conflicting with the Games.  If he had known about this when he registered, we could have saved ourselves a couple hundred bucks.

On a related note, he went to fencing class last week and a local radio station was there filming a video:


You can see him in the background if you look closely (especially around 2:09 when he's walking on what looks like a ladder on the floor) - he’s wearing a greyish faded Star Wars t-shirt and black sweats with a white stripe down the side.  (You can also catch a glimpse of Dale standing way back by the doorway.  He’s wearing one of his usual two t-shirts: the black one with white printing on it.)

My brother from Vancouver is in town so we had our annual family weekend at my parents’ this weekend.  It was a fantastic weekend as always and the weather was perfect.  The highlight was a new zip-line that my dad and brother built – it starts way up in a tree, and it took a bit of nerve to do it the first time.  And the second, and okay, maybe the third too.  Poor Chloe couldn’t get up the nerve to do it until the second day.  By that time, even my 4-year-old niece Bella had done it by herself.  That’s not really a fair comparison since Bella has no fear.  But even Neve had done it, and she’s not the bravest.  Once Chloe finally did it, she was hooked.  If anyone is up for an hour’s drive and wants to try it, let me know – I’m pretty sure my dad would be happy for it to be enjoyed (at your own risk!).

Other activities included swimming, a water balloon launcher, fireworks, volleyball, driving the tillactor, bean bag toss game, campfires and of course lots of food.  My parents always go all out for this and the whole family loves it.

The cousins

Lois Hole with a knife

Digging potatoes

me and my one legged bean bag game


Anonymous said...

I don't have cable so I don't watch the Olympics!!! Blog away my friend!!

I love how obsessed Spencer is!!! And tell Chloe it would have taken me some nerve as well. And if the zip line went into some sort of body of water that was not Hawaiian in temperature, I would not have zipped at all. Not that it did. I'm just saying'.


Anonymous said...

Sio, we don't have cable either...Steve built us a digital antenna...we got olympics in HD baby!

Tell Spencer there has been much talk about fencing and him at our house. We watched the bronze and gold medal matches of the women's individual foil where the Italian women got all three medals. Amazing.