Monday, July 09, 2012

Living the dream

I'm keeping my computer time to a bare minimum, but just thought I'd post a quick update.  After a great week of travelling with stops in Ottawa, Quebec City, and the Bay of Fundy, we arrived in PEI on Friday.  We're staying in a cottage by the ocean until next Saturday and having an awesome time.  The cottage is perfect and there's a beautiful beach straight down the cliff (not the picture above - that's near a lighthouse we saw today, about 10 minutes from our cottage).  The weather's been lovely, the kids are happy, and we've been having long, lazy days of reading, napping, playing games, eating, and hanging out at the beach.  The ocean is cold, but perfectly clear and amazing.  We've seen jellyfish, starfish, a turtle, and also a fox that hangs out in our backyard.  Yesterday I was bringing in the towels and swimsuit from the clothesline and the fox was getting pretty bold.  I was getting a tiny bit freaked out so I ran to the house, dropping the bottoms of Chloe's favourite swimsuit on the way.  The fox went to check it out, then grabbed it in his mouth.  I yelled at the fox and started chasing it, but he wouldn't drop the swimsuit and took off into the woods.  Chloe was not impressed.  There's a happy ending though; this morning Dale and the kids went looking in the woods and they found the swimsuit.  I guess it wasn't the fox's size.

Anyway, it really is a dream here - I guess any time there are no work or other obligations to think about is a dream, but it's even better when there's an ocean to gaze out at, the sounds of waves and the smell of saltwater in the air. 

Hope everyone's doing well and enjoying summer too!


someone said...

Yay!! A Post!!! And a HILARIOUS one!!!!

Safe journey back!!



Daniel said...

Great to hear from you! And great to hear you're having such fun! (besides the fox attack)

Anonymous said...

Your PEI cottage sounds absolutely lovely. :) Tell Chloe I'm sorry but I laughed at the story of the fox running away with her bathing suit.