Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Expanding the Family

It's always funny to give my post a title that makes people wonder if I'm pregnant.  Because pregnancy is  hilarious.  But since a baby is scientifically highly unlikely in my case, we expanded our family by taking the fish route. 

Our friends brought their cute little dog camping last week and Neve was quite taken with her.  She liked walking her, except she didn't really take charge and the dog would eventually would get so tangled up that Neve would have to call for help.  She was too timid to actually touch the dog, other than a quick pat on its back.  We said no (for many reasons; the kids' fear of dogs being number one), so she then asked for a cat.  We said no (again, mostly because the kids are kind of scared of cats too).  Then Neve asked for a hamster, which was another no because we're all scared of rodents.  When she finally asked for a fish, I was tired of saying no so now we have a fish.  Two, actually, because then Spencer said he'd always wanted a pet too.  So we drove straight to Petland, bought two fish and the necessary supplies, and now we are seven.

It's been pretty exciting around here.  Neve and Spencer run to check the fish first thing every morning.  I check them too, mostly because I'm scared they'll be dead.  We had a series of fish many years ago that ended badly every single time, so I'm relieved they've survived three full days already.  Neve is hoping to teach her fish tricks and feeding time is especially thrilling.  It's so adorable when they grab their pellet and their little jaws go up and down when they chew.  I'm going to be one of those people who won't shut up about their pet.  And I'm going to take lots of pictures and show them to people on my camera screen.  "And now he's swimming counter-clockwise!"

Oh, and the fishes' names are Swimmy and Napoleon.  I'll let you figure out who named who.

Happy trip home from the pet store. 

I didn't even take a picture when I brought my babies home from the hospital.  Tomorrow I'm going to make a sign for my front door that says "in case of fire, save my fish."


Stephen said...

Why no pet birds?

Anonymous said...

Your kids should be good at feeding fish because of the fish on your blog. What are their names btw?

I suggest:


Anonymous said...

SL - How did you miss Swimmy and Napoleon???

Way too funny, Ellen! Swimming counter clockwise - ha!!

Good luck with them. Fish are tricky creatures...


Anonymous said...

Sio...I can't steal the fish names...that's plagiarism.


Stephen said...

I like your fishy names S-L