Monday, August 27, 2012

It's not over til it's over

Somehow it’s suddenly the last full week of summer holidays.  Being away three weeks was so great, but it condensed all our regular summer stuff so much that it feels it’s been a short summer.  It’s been very full and very fun … I just wish it didn’t have to end quite yet.  When we were at the cottage in PEI and dreading the end of the week, I happened to come across this quote in the newspaper:

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
- Dr. Seuss

I repeated that to myself many times, and I think it helped.  Who knew Dr. Seuss was so smart.  And he’s not even a real doctor.  (Interesting fact:  Dr. Seuss’ first book “And To Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street” was rejected by 43 publishers before being published.)  Anyway, that’s my mantra now, so I’m smiling non-stop.  I look ridiculous.

A friend invited me and the kids to her cottage last week, but I wasn’t sure if I should go because I feel like we haven’t been home much and I’d have to shift around my work, appointments, etc.  But then I looked at the calendar and decided we should squeeze out every bit of summer fun while we had the chance, so off we went.  I’m glad we did.  They have a beautiful cabin on an island and it was the perfect mini-holiday.  The kids spent hours kayaking on little plastic flat kayaks (Spencer is now considering an Olympic future in flat water kayaking).  My neighbour Karen was at her cottage nearby, so we did our Friday Happy Hour on the deck gazing out at the lake instead of at my back lane.

peach sangria - so good and summery

My hometown (Rosenort) had their annual summer festival this weekend, so the kids and I went for a bit on Saturday.  The highlight was the Ping Pong Ball Drop, where a plane flies over and drops ping pong balls, which you trade in for a prize.  Best thing ever.  The next best thing was ordering a Chipster at the marketplace shops. I can’t wait til it arrives.

Spencer has developed a new like of biking this summer, so I asked him if he wanted to ride his bike with me while I ran on Wellington yesterday morning.  I was happy when he said yes and pictured us running/riding side by side and bonding.  I guess he pictured riding ahead as fast as he could to the end of the divided stretch and zipping back home way before me.  There was zero bonding; I may as well have gone by myself.  Spencer hadn't crossed Academy before without an adult – it’s a busy street and sometimes we have to wait for a long time before it’s safe to cross - so I thought he'd probably be waiting for me there.  He wasn’t; when I got home, he’d been there for a while already.

I raised my eyebrows at him and said, “You crossed Academy by yourself?”

I guess he was anticipating that I might be upset with him because he had an answer ready.  “Mom.  There was a gap (between cars) so long that the Beatles could have crossed it and they’ve been trying to cross that crosswalk for years.”

Spencer continues to be passionate about the Olympics.  In addition to fencing, he now wants to do judo.  There’s a class offered at our community centre but it’s four hours a week, so I’m looking for something a little less involved and a little less expensive.

He’s also starting to measure time based on the Olympics.  Chloe was talking about marrying Justin Bieber yesterday.  Spencer was trying to throw cold water on her dreams by reminding her of the four year age difference.  “He’s two Olympics older than you!” 

I don’t think Chloe’s biggest obstacle in that relationship is a two-Olympic age gap.

So we’ll see what this last week of summer vacation brings.  I didn’t have many school supplies to buy this year, so that’s all done.  I’m supposed to label each of Neve’s crayons, pencil crayons, markers, and pencils individually, but I’m not going to because I’ve decided to be more of a bad a$$ mom this year (but not bad a$$ enough to write out swears).  For example, I was supposed to buy a one inch binder, but I bought a 1.5 inch binder by mistake and I’m sending it anyway.  Next I’m going to get a facial tattoo and not send the kids lunch or sign their agendas.  It’s so liberating.  And then I’ll tell everyone, “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened” even if it doesn't really make sense.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...this post made me smile...and laugh, a lot. :)

I think Spencer has the build for a kayaker. You have to be 14 to start at the Winnipeg Rowing Club. Here's the link:


Stephen said...

Funny post!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - this was another read out loud to Derrick kind of posts!! He wants you to know that tear drop tattoos are in again.

Bad a$$. Too funny!!


Daniel said...

Funny, funny stuff! Spencer is awesome. And fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.