Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Let’s talk about my trip some more.  Today’s spotlight is on food.  I can’t even believe I’m making you read about food we ate on the trip.  Join me tomorrow for a thought-provoking entry about the variety of ice buckets at hotels.  This blog is going downhill fast.  But I seem to have taken a lot of food-related pictures, so instead of just sitting there on my hard drive, I’m going to share them.  

This was at an old-fashioned A&W in Wisconsin with a carhop that came to our van to take our order.  We had just had lunch, but we couldn't NOT stop here.  The kids just got milkshakes, so unfortunately we didn't get the tray that attaches to the window. 

Poutine in Quebec City - I think I put on weight just by looking at this

Our first (of many) fish & chips

All you can eat mussels in PEI

Lobster dinner in PEI ... mmmm

Homemade crepes on the cottage deck

Why don't they have McLobster here??

We had to try it ... not bad!

scallops and fish fresh from the Acadian coast of Nova Scotia

We brought take-out to a park the last night of our trip and I was scared because there were warning signs about seagulls.  The seagulls were perched on lamp posts, just waiting to swoop down on our food.  I may have freaked a little and caused Neve some trauma because she was very nervous and had the lid of her container ready at all times in case the birds tried to get her macaroni and cheese.  Not our most relaxing meal ever.

Holidays are all about eating ten times as much as you normally would and I love that so much.  I gave myself one week’s grace, but starting Monday, I’ve been trying to reign myself in.  I’ve been getting up early to go for a run, and trying to stick to a reasonable number of carb servings (except for tonight when I ate an entire peanut buster parfait).  I admit I was expecting instantaneous results, but sadly my thighs are still rubbing together when I walk. Totally Worth It though.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, my thighs are rubbing together...and I never went on a vacation. That McLobster looks pretty gross--maybe I should just look at that picture before every meal. :)

I'm glad you and Neve survived the sea gulls.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at Neve ready with her lid! Didn't you JUST get past Neve's barfing anxiety stage??

So much seafood - I love it!!!