Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Should’ve gotten a puppy

It was a hot hot sunny day today; one of those days you just know you should take advantage of because it’s almost September. 

I really wanted to go to the Quarry, but instead we went to the dentist and replaced our dead fish.  Those were two separate outings; we go to the kind of dentist that doesn’t sell fish.

Poor fish … Swimmy and Napoleon passed away within one day of each other.  Petland has a 30-day guarantee on their fish, which I have a feeling we’ll be making good use of.  They might discontinue it by the time we’re done.  Although Petland probably isn’t losing money; we bought a new chemical that is supposed to help Swimmy II and Napoleon II live a long, healthy life.  That was probably $8 wasted; I suspect it’s pretty much hit or miss.  Napoleon II lost a fin within an hour or so of bringing him home, so we might be back at Petland before the weekend.  Who thought fish were a good idea?  

Playing with my new 50mm lens


halloweencouple said...

Betas seem to last the longest, or that's the only kind this gal can keep alive :)

Anonymous said...

Love LOVE the photo of Neve!!!

Loving the fishy story - not so much. Who knew fish could be so difficult??? Sorry Ellen. Sorry Fishies.


Anonymous said...

How the heck does a fish lose a fin??


Lea Nario said...

Sorry fish :( Love the photo! Looks professional.

Mrs White said...

I have to laugh because i've been there. I have absolutely no luck with fish just like I have no luck with plants. Can never figure out what I am doing wrong.
Losing a fin though? That's a new one. lol
All the best with part 2.

Mrs White