Saturday, August 04, 2012

Summer Fun

This is a picture I meant to post last week – my idea of a perfect summer afternoon at Mike & Darla’s gorgeous pool. 

My attempt at daily blogging this week hasn’t been a success.  Luckily I don’t think anyone’s noticed.  There’s your guilt trip and your cue to comment immediately telling me how special my blogging is to you and how I make you complete.  Go ahead, skip straight to the comments and read the rest of this after. 

So after three weeks of trip and one week of day camp, this was our first week of regular  summer scheduling.  More accurately - lack of schedule.  I’ve been getting up early, but the kids have been sleeping in, watching TV and not getting dressed unless we have to leave the house.  They’ve jumped on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath, helped me with yard work, played with friends, and ridden their bikes.  The sidewalks are decorated with chalk drawings, and the backyard is littered with hula hoops and water guns.  Chloe’s been away at camp all week, so things are even more laid back than usual.  She’s the most independent one of the kids and helps out the most, so I wasn’t looking forward to her being away.  But one less person in the house just brings everything down a notch, so it’s actually been nice.  It’s shifted the dynamic and Neve and Spencer have been getting along better than usual.  Or maybe it’s just that there’s not much to fight about when you’re watching the Olympics all the time.

I took the kids downtown one day to get lunch from the food trucks on Broadway.  It was fun walking around and deciding what to get.  Spencer ended up getting a hotdog and Neve and I got Filipino food from the Pimp My Rice truck, which was delicious.  There was a waffle truck I was tempted to try but, you know, the carbs. 

We also went to Kildonan Park with Teresa and her kids one day.  We had a fun time; the kids swam for a few hours and then we visited Hansel and Gretel in their hut.  They were doing well; Hansel is taking a while to fatten up.  In the evening, we went to Banana Boat for ice cream with Blake & Kristin.  Unfortunately, it was exactly during one of the only bursts of rain this summer so we couldn’t walk on the paths by the river as planned, but it was still a good time.

Yesterday my little nieces hung out with us all day.  They were so cute and good; it was fun having them around.  After a group Happy Hour in the neighbour’s screened-in room, we had pizza and sushi with Jim and Sabrina and Dan. 

Today was a rainy day, perfect for sleeping in.  My sister picked Chloe up from camp, which is near their cottage, so I drove out to get her from there.  All reports indicate fun was had, but I like to think she was pretty happy to come home too.  She didn’t say that in so many words, but I’m pretty sure locking herself in her room for 4 hours straight is a good sign.  I interpret things as I see fit.

I'll sign off now because I can't WAIT to read all your lovely comments!


Anonymous said...

I AM skipping straight to the comments!! I look for your blog DAILY and when you don't post, I am sad. Very sad. My day is missing something when I do not read the words of L. POST MORE!!!! Do I need to play that song for you again???

k. I gotta go back and read the rest...


Anonymous said...

The first site I check everyday. Even before fb or tmz.
My dream is that you would blog TWICE a day!

Anonymous said...

When I started typing in your blog address I was just thinking, "I'm so glad Ellen has been posting so often." For real. I enjoy your blog so much.

And, "Pimp My Rice" -- oh man, I gotta try that place out and get a picture of myself in front of the truck.


Anonymous said...

I was going to comment that you were not living up to your "promise" of daily blogs but didn't want you to feel guilty! But always happy when a new blog comes up.

P.S Always exciting to see the pool in your blog! :) That's a good action shot of someone on the slide.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking care of the little ones.

P.S. Always exciting to see the kids in your blog? :)

Hopefully I can prove I'm not a robot!

Anonymous said...

Keep 'em coming..Cousin Carolyn

L said...

haha, fishing for compliments was very successful. thanks guys :) You're awesome!