Saturday, August 11, 2012

That summer feeling

I'm not one of those people who are good at many things, but one thing I am good at is being able to relax when I go on vacation.  If I could only pick one thing to be good at, it probably wouldn't be that, but I'm making the best of it.  Leading up to the vacation, I am always very busy and stressed and anxious; unable to take deep breaths and bordering on going crazy.  But as soon as I'm about an hour away from home, I transform into a new person without a care in the world.  When the end of the vacation is in sight, I spend a lot of time wondering how I can keep being the carefree person instead of the busy, stressed one.

I'm not sure what happened this summer, but I think the carefree person has stuck around.  The house is disorganized and messy, very few proper meals have been cooked, doctor and dentist and hair appointments have been neglected, I wear the same clothes several days in a row, and I've been basically shirking all duties and responsibilities.  Motivation is low.  I read a lot.  I do stuff with the kids.  I eat quite a bit.  I believe I'm toeing the line between happy summer relaxing and all-out lazy slothiness.  In a rash attempt to appear productive, I bought stain for the deck furniture.  Apparently stain does not apply itself.  I'll give it a bit more time. 

The blog is also not updating itself so I guess I will help it along. Looking back, we've actually done a lot, but it's all been fun stuff.

Spent last Sunday with the family at Dale's brother's cabin at Hecla

Cousin fun before Dale's sister and niece went back to Florida

There's always a gorgeous sunset in Hecla

BBQ at Assiniboine Park with my family

Some of us walked around the park in a line.  Strange looks and hilarity ensued.

Uncle Dan (in the background) before leaving for the airport.

First trip to the Quarry this year - with the neighbours

The girls and I rode our bikes to the water bus stop and took the boat to the Forks.  We were the only passengers on the boat both ways, so the boat guy let Neve drive the boat on the way there and Chloe drove it all the way back.

We also saw friends, hosted sleepovers, Dale & I went on a long bike ride along Sturgeon Creek, and I still had time to make a fairy garden with Neve.  It was all tiny and cute with little twigs and moss, but it lost some of its charm when Neve added her Polly Pocket girls and horse & carriage.  I felt like such a good mom and I hate when no one is around to see me having fun with my children, so I took a picture:
I'm not the only one wearing the same clothes.  I think Neve's worn this top every day this week.

A big highlight this week was our 2nd annual work day o' fun.  A limo bus took us to Inn at the Forks, where we had breakfast and pedicures (the guys had golf lessons and a round of golf) then shopping at Polo Park with generous gift cards.  I spent mine all on a lens I'd been wanting for my camera.  There were some other smaller things I'd have loved to get, but the lens is something I wouldn't have bought myself so I'm very happy.  Now I just have to learn how to use it.  We met up with the guys at Rudy's downtown for drinks and appetizers before going home.  For dinner, we all went to my boss's house where we had Lovey's BBQ and other treats.  There were smores by the campfire, an amazing fireworks display, and gift cards for all the kids.  It was such a fun day and it definitely achieves its purpose of making me love my job and my employer.

We picked Spencer up from camp today.  He had a good time but was happier to see us than I thought he would be.  Chloe was at my sister's cottage for a few days, so we went to pick her up after.  Spent a lovely afternoon at the cottage - I went on a tube ride that was apparently scaled-down for middle-aged women but it still felt fast and scary.  I'm going to get my boater's licence just so I can repay my brother-in-law for all the "fun" he's given me over the years.  I know my shoulders and arms are going to be aching tomorrow and I'm so worried about how I'm going to hold up my book.  Maybe I'll take it easy and nap instead.


Daniel said...

Hmmm, I think you might have a faulty can of stain there - I'm pretty sure it should go on by itself.
That's great that you got the lens you were thinking of! Have job applications skyrocketed at the Chamber?!?
Don't worry about the inability to lift your arms - that feeling goes away after a couple of weeks.
Keep on enjoying your summer!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful summer you are having Elle! I love carefree and relaxed. I'm trying to figure it out myself. Surely there is an app for it...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are having an amazing summer!!!!! Yay.


Anonymous said...

Just reading that made me enjoy my summer more! Happy relaxing! :)
Janelle H

Anonymous said...

You inspired us and we took the water taxi to the Forks today! So fun but none of us were offered to drive the boat.