Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Chloe starts high school tomorrow.  This is where I should insert a baby picture of her that seems like it was taken only yesterday.  But digital cameras weren’t around ‘yesterday’ so that would involve looking through photo albums, removing a picture, and scanning it.  Whenever I do that, the picture never ends up back in the album and just sits around until it gets lost.  So just imagine an adorable little baby.  A baby who is switching from her private Christian school to one of the biggest public high schools in the city.  She got her timetable last week, with all her first-choice electives.  She is greatly excited and greatly apprehensive all rolled into one big ball of nerves.  We’re all looking forward to getting her first day over with; the unknown is so stressful.  At the end of the day, I’m sure there will be relief and happiness and a load off her shoulders.  She’s a strong, smart, brave girl who makes good choices and I know she’ll be fine.

Spencer loves school the least of the three kids, but he admits he’s excited for the first day.  The second day not so much.  But he has the teacher he wanted and good friends in his class, so he’s in a good place.

Neve appears to have a much better handle on her anxiety this year.  She doesn’t seem worried about school at all; in fact, she is begging to stay at school for lunch more often.  I don’t really want her to stay more than the two times per week she did last year because I like taking a walk in the middle of my workday and having lunch with her.

I think I mentioned this before, but Neve’s teacher last year was amazing.  Not only was she an excellent teacher who put a lot of effort into making schoolwork fun, she was warm and kind and caring.  She was so good with Neve and her anxiety issues; understanding and sympathetic, yet always encouraging her to be brave and overcome her fears.  She was filling a maternity leave position, so sadly she won’t be at our school this fall.  But last week we found a book in the mailbox from her, with the sweetest note ever.  The book was “Wemberly Worried” about a girl that worries about everything.  In her note, she said she was thinking of Neve as she starts a new school year and telling her to be brave and she’ll be fine.  I’m so impressed by her thoughtfulness and sadder than ever that our school couldn’t keep her on (she is starting a new position at a school nearby).  I've heard good things about Neve's teacher this year, so I have high hopes for another good year.

So there it is.  We had a nice last day of holidays - we had friends over and the kids all played outside a lot and enjoyed the day.  Even though the kids and I are ready for a bit of structure, I’m always sad when summer ends.  It’s such a long time until the next one.

But I’ll try to be brave.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing teacher. How cool is that to receive a book and encouraging note.

I've got Wed, Thurs and Fri afternoons off now that Emeth is starting nursery school, so if you need to go for a walk/coffee we could meet at Starbucks on the days that Neve stays for lunch. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the picture of Chloe. So beautiful. Spencer looks dreamy. I hope back to school goes well. We have tomorrow off then Thursday we're back in it again.

Daniel said...

Great photos of your kids!! And I love how you describe them - you're a good Mom.

That is an awesome teacher, to send that encouragement for Neve. Glad to hear Neve is getting a handle on her anxiety.

Anonymous said...

Wemberly Worried - fabulous book!! Kevin Henkes. I think I gave Spencer A Weekend With Wendell because it was a bout being naughty ;).

I am excited to hear about Chloe's first week! BIG change for her! How does Spencey feel about being on his own? And how do you coordinate three kids at three schools???

I loved this post, Ellen. And I'm so jealous of you and SL going for mid day walks and Starbucks together!!


L said...

Sheri-Lee, I'm definitely going to take you up on the Starbucks thing!

Love all Kevin Henkes books. We still read A Weekend with Wendell, and we also love Owen.

Anonymous said...

Chysanthemum is also a great Henkes book. :)

Oh Ellen, I'm soo excited. I'll be in touch soon.