Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day 2012

Here's the annual before school shot.  Spencer looks less worried than other years.  The only back to school clothes that were purchased was Neve's jean jacket.  Chloe gets so many hand-me-downs from her cousin that she just needs to open a bag or drawer to find something new, and Spencer doesn't care.  We got a free t-shirt in the mail yesterday from a Cheerios offer, and since Spencer wasn't yet wearing a shirt when the mail arrived, he just put the Cheerios one on.  Too bad he didn't save it for today so he could have worn something new (his shirts don't ever stay clean enough for a second day). 

I wish I would've had them holding their bags/backpacks so this looked more like a back-to-school photo, but I didn't think of it.  We were almost late for school as it was.  I meant to park at Spencer's school and go with him to where his class lined up so I could meet his teacher, like a nice, caring mother.  But by the time we got to school, the classes were already filing into the building, so I just dropped him off in the drive-through zone.  Spencer said he didn't care, but I'm sure he would have secretly liked if I had come with him.  I was the one and only vehicle in the drive-through lane today.  All the other parents somehow pulled it together better than I did.  But I bet the other parents did not have two more schools to drive to before 9:00 a.m. 

The first day was a success.  I thought about Chloe all day, and I was so happy a friend of mine happened to see her on Academy at lunch hour, and she reported that Chloe was looking happy and confident.  She did seem to have a great day; she came home beaming and happy.  She has a friend from before that's in the same homeroom and several of her classes, which I'm so happy about.  Chloe's sharing a locker with her, and hung out with her and her friends at lunch.  They walked to Tim Horton's and to 7-11, which are in opposite directions. Not sure how they fit that all into one hour.  I'm so thankful for this friend; Chloe's day would have been very different if she didn't know anyone.  It was mostly an orientation day, but she also had a couple of classes and was impressed with the teachers.  To further heighten the excitement of today, Chloe got a new cell phone tonight.  Her old plan was up, so she shopped around and got an android.  It's been a big day.

Spencer had a good day as well.  He loves his teacher so far and his desk is beside two good friends, so what more could you want.  Neve's day was okay.  She was disappointed that they hadn't done anything "special or fun."  I need to teach her my low-expectaction trick.

To answer Siobhan's question in the comments yesterday, this is how we're planning to do three different schools.  Spencer starts at 8:20, so we drive him there first (and pick up carpool kids Monday, Wednesday & Friday).  Neve's school doesn't start until 8:50, so I have time to park the van at home and Neve and I walk to her school.  That leaves Chloe.  Today Dale drove her to school for her first day, but normally she will either walk, ride her bike, take the bus, or catch a ride with the neighbours.  I could also drop her off between Spencer's and Neve's drop-offs.  After school, Chloe will get home the same way she came, Spencer usually gets a ride home with the carpool, and I walk Neve home.  Not sure if you were looking for such a detailed answer, Siobhan, but writing it down helped get it straight in my mind too.  I'm sure I'll forget to pick a kid up occasionally, but they always seem to find their way home in the end.

Best moment today:  at dinner tonight we were talking about school, and Spencer asked Chloe, "So did any boys check you out today?"  (Chloe was so mortified by her brother asking her that question that she refused to answer.  Which I interpret as a yes.)


Anonymous said...

hahahahahah - Spencer's comment to Chloe! Too funny.

I actually did enjoy reading about the coordination of drop offs! I am amazed. You are so busy in the first two hours of your day, you'll need a nap by 9:30!

I am so happy Chloe had such a great day. High school is so tricky. Ugh. I would NOT go back.

I can't believe it is September. As I was teaching hatha this morning, I watched leaves fall from the trees outside. Crazy pants.


Lea said...

Wonderful day for all of you! Hmmm. spencer is starting to be protective of Chloe? So cute :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed right out loud at your last paragraph. :) And sorry Dale, but Chloe is pretty cute and for sure she's getting checked out. You just make sure Spencer bulks up so he can beat the snot out of those boys. :)

And, sadly, the low expectation trick can work so's too bad we need to utilize it so much in life. :(


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

I just realized you leave out some specific details. So I've excluded my map.

Other than that, here's my edited comment:

Good stuff. Glad the first days went well. Ben's too.

I'm pretty sure the T.Ho's and 7-11 are like 2 blocks apart (edit: on a popular street, near her school)

Anywho, good work on your blogging. It's always timely and funny.

L said...

haha, I bet Chloe wished she had that map yesterday (the one from Steve's deleted comment). Instead of going to the 7-11 that's closer to that TH, she went to the 7-11 on Academy. I don't think I'll tell her about the closer one - let her get her exercise if she wants a slurpee.

Stephen said...

Yowza. That does seem difficult to squeeze into a lunch break :)