Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In need of a project

I've been feeling blah and unmotivated lately, which I believe is mostly due to the fact that summer is over.  It's always sort of exciting getting back to routine with school and other activities, but now the novelty is over and I find myself dreading winter already.  But today is a lovely sunny day, so I will try not to whine when really there is nothing in my life that is worth complaining about.  Not that my life is perfect, but there are a lot of people who have legitimate reasons to complain.  So I will suck it up and be thankful for what I have. 

I've been trying to think of a project or something to keep me busy - it always feels so good to organize something or paint a room - but I haven't yet come up with something I feel like doing.  I did notice how sad my (fake) mantel looked the other day.  Some people (ie. my friend Kristin) have such talent and taste that they can whip up stunning displays like this:


 or this:

Not me. This is my mantel:

On the left we have two candles, two gourds I got from my mom, and - for some unknown reason - a pack of felt to put on the bottom of chair legs.   The gourds are the extent of my fall decorating.

In the centre of the mantel is a lone white marble (you have to look closely at the above picture).  It's been there for months for no reason other than no one has had the desire to move it. 

On the right we have Napoleon III and Swimmy II. They have each lasted about two weeks now and appear to be doing well, so hopefully there will be no Napoleon IV or Swimmy III. The pet shop guy said it was healthy for them to see each other because they'll think they have competition and puff up their fins, which is apparently good for their fins. But sometimes they get too excited so Neve puts the Rapunzel book between them to let them calm down. And sometimes a mirror gets placed between them so one of them can see their reflection.

So the mantel could use an overhaul, but I don't know how to do that. The tree branch decal overpowers everything, but I'm not ready to take it down because I still kind of like it. So I don't think this project is going to go anywhere. 

Speaking of projects, I stained my deck furniture this summer and always meant to post before and after pictures.  Here's before:

Here's during:

 And here's after:

It's a big improvement and felt so good to get done.  My goal is to come up with a project I can feel good about, and is hopefully more fun than staining those chair backs. What projects you're working on?  Maybe someone has a brilliant idea I can copy.


Anonymous said...

First...naked painting. Love it...and totally understand that sometimes it's just easier to clean the kid instead of the clothes.

Second...nice deck furniture. Well done team Kornelson.

Third...I love the close ups of your mantel items and the little tour of your mantel. That made me smile. I love that you don't have some crazy crafty mantel because it helps me to feel normal about my non-decorativeness.

And just because you asked I'll give you a little tease (which we can talk about more on Friday when I remember to meet you for coffee), I just got home from Michael's with some crafty supplies to make my Krymusa home made Christmas gift exchange gift. I plan to do my work on it in the afternoons while the kids are at school so they can't hear me swearing like a sailor...nothing brings out the sailor in me like crafting.


Anonymous said...

elle, i love your mantle. i'm serious. it is clean and simple and easy to dust. i also enjoyed the tour of it!

what about doing your family tree? i've been wanting to do ours and really, i'd better get on it before all the people with the answers pass away.

wow. i've been sitting here for 5 minutes thinking of other projects to do and have come up with very little. or the ones i do come up with, i think of reasons not to do them.

for example: train for a body building contest - but you have to look kinda gross when you you do. a friend of mine is very successful in the competitions but she looks a little scary all beefed up.

- build a dollhouse with the kids. i LOVE all the dollhouse accessories at toad hall - but you may as well redo your real house again for the cost involved.

ok. that is all i came up with and now i have to go to work so...

glad I could help!


Anonymous said...

I have a Cadillac project you could help out with.

Daniel said...

I notice that there's no pic of you doing the staining...

Ah yes, fall does make one feel like doing projects - but then all the tv series start their new seasons, and the feeling goes away eventually.

Huh, who can that be, with a Cadillac project...

Shannon Silvestri said...

Your mantel is lovely. For sure. But say you WANTED it to be all Fall-like...
How bout you cleared it off, took all your candles from below and spread them across it in odd numbered groupings...some different heights would be nice - maybe you could put some on cork coasters or something? Then grab some gorgeous River Heights leaves and sprinkle them across it. Then grab a big bouquet of branches with some good leaf colour and put them in a tall vase to fill your fireplace...a tin vase would be ideal.
Free, free, free and stuff-less...yet seasonal.

Anonymous said...

Shannon is so freaking CRAFTY!!! I love it. Simple, easy and FREE.