Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Neve’s been having some listening issues lately.  With school starting, she’s been tired so I’ve cut her some slack but yesterday there was no more slack to cut.  After three separate incidents - one involving me running around the block trying to find her at bedtime – I finally snapped and we had a nice long talk (Neve would dispute the ‘nice’ part) resulting in her not being able to watch TV or go on the computer for two days.  No one wants to go on our computer anyway because it’s so old and slow, but the TV loss was a blow.  She sobbed, “But what will I do?”  I was kind of wondering the same thing, but I held firm.  She ran up to her room and as she lay sobbing on her bed, her sweet sister took pity on her and tried to comfort her.  Chloe promised she’d do something special with Neve the next day.  So today, Chloe set up a whole spa in the bathroom - with pillows and ocean music and dim lighting – and gave Neve a manicure.  Neve was in her glory so I’m not sure the TV ban was as effective as I’d hoped.

Today at dinner, Neve said, “There’s this girl at school who does everything I tell her to.  She’s my servant.”

Oh boy.

Further questioning revealed that a grade one girl in her class – Neve is in a split grade one/two class – follows all of Neve’s orders, such as “Go get me a pencil” and at recess when the servant girl is “it” in tag, “Don’t tag me.” 

“But she likes it,” Neve insisted when Dale and I expressed our doubts about this arrangement.  Neve’s best friend at school has a servant as well, and it sounds like they’ve got a pretty good gig going.  A tiny part of me is sort of proud of her.  But the rest of me is mortified.  I’ve told her she has to be kind and use good manners, but it probably won’t be nearly as fun with those restrictions.  Thank goodness she’s not in the grade two/three class or she’d be someone else’s servant.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, you just gotta pay your dues in grade one. That girl is thinking, wait until next year, just wait until next year. :)

P.S. Chloe, you're a great big sister, even if it might undermine the no t.v. bit. :)

Daniel said...

Hmm, the servant thing is kinda awkward - just where does bullying start?!

Spa day does sound a lot better than watching TV anyway!