Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September craziness and some cute girls

Check out the shoes.  Also her nose looks enormous because there's a patch of sunlight shining directly upon it.

 September is living up to its reputation as a crazy busy month, so I’m really just blogging to tell you that I don’t have time to blog.  It’s a busy time at work, plus I have a large freelance project due this week which is taking up most of my spare moments.

On top of that, I think we’re going to attempt a yard sale this Saturday.  The kids had so much fun doing one last year and have been asking for another one all summer.  I would enjoy it too if it meant someone else compiling all the items, pricing and setting up, baking brownies and making lemonade, so that I could just sit there and look cute and get all the credit for everything.

The children’s extra-curricular activities are all starting up… Neve’s soccer resumed tonight, Spencer’s fencing begins Saturday; gymnastics, youth group, hip-hop and possibly theatre classes are not far behind.  I said no to judo (Spencer) and swimming is being put off until January.  I really wanted to take a course myself, but at this point I’m glad I’m not.  Sometimes procrastination works in my favour.  More often than you’d think, actually. 

Then there’s school with its endless amounts of papers to sign, meet the teacher nights, walk-a-thons, and book orders.  School seems to be going well for everyone here.  Neve hasn’t had any anxiety issues yet.  She talks about her new shoes a lot.  Every day when I pick her up, she talks the whole way home about how she wore them as indoor shoes, but she kept them on outside too and they didn’t get dirty but her friend said she had to put on indoor shoes but the bottom was spotless!  And look how they sparkle!  When you brush the sequins up, the shoes look black, but when you brush them down, they look grey!  And people ask me how I tie them up, because they can't see that there are zippers on the side!  And so on. And on.  They really are quite something and she gets a lot of comments on them, much to her joy.  Sometimes I freak out about how fast the kids are growing up, so it makes me feel better to buy them something ridiculous that I know they'll love. And that girl loves her sparkles.  Who am I kidding - she'll probably still love sparkles when she's 30.  I needn't have bought the boots.  But then what would we talk about?

Spencer has no complaints about school, which is a very good sign.  He loves his teacher and always hangs out with two good friends, so all is right in his world.  He’s starting band this year (trumpet), which he has already decided he hates.  I guess that's one complaint he has.  It’s going to be a long three years.

Chloe’s learning to navigate her way to classes and is enjoying her classes.  She’s had a lot of homework so far; high school is definitely a whole new world.  She’s still clinging on to the same friend she knew from before, but I assume she will gradually expand her friend base as she gets to know kids in her classes.  I get to go to her school Thursday night for Meet the Teacher.  I'm supposed to follow her Day 1 class schedule to re-enact a day in her life.  I hope I make friends.

There.  I’ve just spent half an hour telling you how busy I am.  I love doing that, especially when it means putting off my garage sale preparations.  After this, I’m going to create a detailed spreadsheet and a Prezi to further reiterate my busy-ness.

On a less whiny note (and to further procrastinate), here are a few pictures of my nieces.  Bella and Lexie stayed with us on the weekend while Jim and Sabrina tried to recover from a 3-week trip to Portugal with a 48-hour-delay on the way home.  They are adorable (I’m referring to the girls, not Jim & Sabrina, although they’re pretty cute too) and we had lots of fun with them.  Lexie has a shoe fetish and loves bringing people their shoes, and Bella’s the best at making funny faces.

We played outside for a while; Lexie tried chasing a rabbit, and Bella and Neve rode scooters, etc.  After a while, Bella got hurt when she drove over her foot with the scooter so we all went in, abandoning the outdoor toys near the front sidewalk.  A while later, I happened to be looking out the window when I saw some boys (I’d guess 12 or 13 years old) on the sidewalk.  One grabbed the scooter and zipped away, another took our little stop sign, and a third grabbed the doll stroller and they all ran down the sidewalk.  In a rare spurt of quick reflexes, I ran outside and started yelling at them, “STOP!  What do you think you’re doing?  Bring that stuff back!”  I caught up to the last kid pretty quick; he was like a very frightened deer in the headlights.  I was wearing bad clothes and my hair was wild, so I looked a little crazy.  When the boy on the scooter saw I had his friend, he turned around and came back, and he said very nervously, “It’s giveaway weekend, so we thought these were free.” 

I had totally forgotten about that; it was indeed the weekend where you leave unwanted things at the curb.  I felt so bad; I scared the crap out of those kids!  I apologized and they apologized and I almost hugged them and made them cookies but instead I asked, “And where’s the stop sign?”  The middle boy sheepishly walked to some bushes and retrieved it from where he had thrown it when I came running after them like a madwoman. I kind of like the madwoman persona.  If I ever move to a new city where I don't know anyone, I'm going to reinvent myself as one.  I'll be this wildcard person that everyone will be scared to mess with because they have no idea what I'll do.  Anway, in my defence, these toys were on our side of the sidewalk.  People aren’t supposed to take things unless they say “FREE” on them, unless they’re very obviously sitting right beside the street.  And I’m pretty sure these boys wouldn’t have much use for a doll stroller, so I’m thinking there was some monkey business intended.  But I’m pretty sure they’ll steer clear of Giveaway Weekend from now on.  If they come by our yard sale on Saturday, maybe I’ll sell them that doll stroller.

Oh, and I just discovered that Stephen's doing haiku this month, which never fails to impress me ... go check it out!


Anonymous said...

I actually have tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard reading this to Derrick. I wanna be your madwoman persona side kick. Derrick says you should have checked the kids' wallets. And then give to the poor. You have enough kids to create your own band of merry men.

Oh my gosh - too funny!!


Daniel said...

Ooooo, that would be fun to be known as the town mad-woman! (well, for you, not for me - me would just be kinda weird)

Good thing that Spencer learned the lesson of choosing a smaller instrument. I guess the piccolo was taken?

Love all the pics of Bella & Lexie!!

Anonymous said...

I love your procrastination. I love your busyness. I love your Madwoman side. If you move I'll get you one of those old rocking chairs so you can sit on your front porch and shake your fist at kids when you yell, "Hey...get offa my yard!"


Anonymous said...

That reminds me of when I made you mad when we were little!!! I can picture it now!!
Thanks for looking after the little ones. Awesome pics! And Neve's shoes are pretty cool. Zimmy