Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yard sale / pool party

Yesterday’s yard sale was a big success (sadly, I realize I didn't take one picture).  It was a beautiful, sunny day and we had a good number of customers and got rid of a lot of things.  The customers came in spurts: sometimes there would be no one for fifteen minutes; then five different groups would come at once.  It was actually pretty fun; the kids loved it.  Neve sold lemonade - which came with a free brownie – so she was in her glory.  We made $98 all together, which far exceeded the number I had told my kids to expect.  The biggest ticket item that sold was $7 and there were a few $5 items, but most of that money came in quarters. 

It felt so good to purge unused items and clear out some clutter.  Right after the sale, I dropped off the leftovers at Salvation Army, except for the Little Tikes easel, vanity table, and slide which I put on Kijiji today.  Within 90 minutes of posting the ads, the items were sold and picked up.  So that’s another $30 to add to the $98.  The bulk of the money is going to Haiti and the kids got a few dollars each.  Spencer is saving every penny he can to go to the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio.  I calculated that he’d need to save $100 a month for the next four years, so he’s kind of obsessed with that.  He wants to make business cards to give to the neighbours – what his business will be is not yet clear.  He’s thinking yard work or odd jobs, but there will need to be some teaching done first.  Like how to start a lawn mower and how to unfold a step ladder to wash windows.  But if they need help reaching the next level in their Sonic Wii game, he’s their man.

Anyway, I’m not sure if we’ll do the sale again next year; I was a bit crabby that my family didn’t help out with the preparation and clean-up as much as I had dreamed they would, but I’ll probably forget by next year and let them do it again.  And by “them,” I mean “I.”  Thanks to those of you who stopped by; it really was a good time.    

Later we went to my cousin’s house.  Rob & Gab are the king and queen of entertaining – they always have amazing food and drink and their backyard is a party yard if ever there was one.  They even fixed the weather so that we could swim on a hot mid-September day. 

The little girls drawing with chalk
I love Lexie's little scribbles

The boys getting silly

Sillier.  I won't even show you silliest.  You guys owe me one.   

Neve all dolled up and showing off her eyeshadow

The water was so nice and warm - I should have left some money to put towards their heating bill.


Anonymous said...

What a fabulous weekend, ellen!!! Great photos, too. Neve looked scary teenage old in that photo though...


Mrs White said...

Sounds like a fun weekend.
Great photos.
Question: You mentioned you were giving the funds to Haiti. That's are you donating to get there? What organization are you using if any? Just curious.
I feel horrible that there was sooo much money donated to Haiti relief that they still haven't seen. So sad.

Mrs White

L said...

Mrs. White - Thanks for your comment. I know, it's so sad when money doesn't go where it's supposed to when there is so much need. We donate directly to an organization called Heartline. I meant to add a link to it - here's the link to a blog written by one of the workers there: (it's also on my sidebar). There are links on her blog to Heartline (maternity/birthing clinic) and Harbour House (home for young mothers).

And Sio - yes, Neve looks about 14 in that picture. We're trying to compete with Honey Boo Boo.

Anonymous said...

Tell Spencer he could have a lucrative babysitting career...playing video games with little boys and awing them with your computer skills is sooo easy.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics! You should have posted the pic of Dale & Bob!!!! Jim

Daniel said...

I'm hoping to get the link to the unpublished photos. Or maybe not...

Looks like a great party - nice to enjoy the pool late in the season!

Neve?!? Stop growing up already!!!!