Sunday, September 02, 2012


The view from the deck of our yurt

We did a final summer excursion this weekend.  We spent the weekend at the yurts with friends at Stephenfield Provincial Park. None of us had ever been there before and had no idea what to expect. We’ve stayed in the yurts at Spruce Woods and Nutimik before and loved them, so we thought we’d try a new place. Stephenfield is about 15 minutes past Carman and the closer we got, the more skeptical I became about this park in the middle of nowhere. I grew up relatively close to this part of the province and I'd never heard of a lake out there. My expectations were quite low all along, which is a life philosophy I try to embrace. As so often happens with rock bottom expectactions, it turned out to be much better than I'd imagined. The yurts were right along the shore of a small, cute lake. There was a nice new washroom that was shared by us and the other two familes we went with - it required a code to enter, so no one could use it but us. There were lots of trails to hike or bike, a sandy beach, and best of all for the teenagers - free wifi near the park office.  The weather wasn't great - kind of cloudy and nappy - but it was quite warm and didn't rain.  The nice thing about a yurt is that even if it does rain, you're nice and cozy and dry.  They're such a perfect alternative to tenting.

There was a beautiful sunset Friday night, and just as the sun was going down, the moon came up.  

Holding the moon

The girls

The little girls.  They spent lots of time playing in the yurt, at the playground and putting on dances and plays in the dark with glow sticks.

Teresa striking a pose while eating a pie iron.  I'm impressed at the flexibility of her right hand.

It was a good weekend with great friends, eating and laughing and drinking and carcoaling. The kids all had a lot of fun hanging out together.  We've been getting together as families since before the kids were born and it's very cool to see the kids grow up together.

And it's impossible to drive through Carman without a stop here.  I have such fond feelings towards Syl's - when I was young, my family would drive through Carman to visit relatives in the area and it was so exciting when we got to stop here for ice cream.  The milkshakes were the best.


Anonymous said...

Great yurt find...those bathrooms sound glorious.

Mmmm...Syl's milkshakes.


Daniel said...

Very nice! Good to find a good place, pretty close to home! And yeah, my mouth is watering for a Syl's shake.

Lea Nario said...

That's a lovely way to cap the summer. :)

Anonymous said...

Good times! Mmmmmm.....Syl's. Jim