Tuesday, October 02, 2012

31 Days of Thinking About 31 Day Ideas

So there’s this popular blogger named The Nester who challenges her readers every year to do a month-long daily blog series.  I’ve encouraged my readers to do that in the past too – you may remember the New Things series or the occasional photo-a-day thing.  Or you might not.  When I invite people to join me, I’m lucky if Dan and Stephen take up the challenge.  When the Nester does it, she gets a few more.  Like over a thousand more, and increasing by the minute.  She calls it her 31 Days series and bloggers pick a topic and write about it each day.  For example, 31 Days of Encouragement or 31 Days of Family Recipes, etc.  Our very own Shannon is doing 31 Days Toward Becoming Pretty Organized.  Click here to see the whole list of 1,013 (and counting) series - there’s something for everyone and can get a little addicting.  Shannon is #73, or you can click here to go straight to her blog.

When Shannon told me about this a while ago, I played around with the idea of doing it too.  But most of the ideas I came up with were a little on the negative side, like 31 Days of Things I Hate or 31 Days of Saying No - or silly, like 31 Days of Going Barefoot or a photo series of 31 Days of People Who Try to Look Younger Than They Are But Actually Just Look Older.  Might be tough fitting that onto one of those tiny squares.  I did have a few more realistic ideas, but nothing became of them.  So I’ll just enjoy Shannon’s blog and re-read the haiku series that Stephen did last month.  He beat everyone to the punch and now he can sit back and enjoy October and crunch in the leaves and maybe create an elaborate cornucopia display or something.

Or maybe … decorating a mantel!  Look what I did all by myself!  Well, with Shannon’s advice.  It’s all about Shannon today (and a little bit of Steve).  Having no sense of decoration myself, I followed her instructions exactly – however when she said “place candles in odd numbered groupings” I wasn’t sure if the odd numbers were supposed to be the number of groupings or the number of candles in each grouping.  I aimed for both, so because of the number of candles I had to work with, it ends up looking a bit too even.  If I’d had more candles, I’d have done some groupings of five candles, etc.  I didn’t have cork coasters or a tin vase, but I improvised with brown paper and twine.  Based on my lack of skill and my resources, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  I’m not certain how long the leaves will remain on the branches, or how long until the leaves on the mantel dry out and crumple up, but we’ll enjoy it while we can.  Even the kids noticed it when they got home from school and were impressed.


Stephen said...

Wow, very cool!
And, yes, I'm honoured. What was that, like 17 references? Though: *fist shake as Shannon for being more popular*

Anyway, I am going to relax I think this months. 31 Days of Slackolicious.

I think you should do 31 days of Mantel Rearrangement. :D I imagine that as being very entertaining.

Stephen said...

Oooh. This looks pretty interesting:
Quadruplets? Wow. Should be some good ideas for 2 boys:

Anonymous said...

Your mantle looks gorgeous!!! But my very favourite part of the post is your little disclaimer. Thanks for keeping it so real for people like me. :) I'm enjoying the 31 days of jokes so far on the website. Here's a taste: What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt. Heee heee heee. Of course...Shannon's is the BEST. And I lover her button!

Anonymous said...

Ooops....lover = love!

The other sounds kind of dirty! :)

Shannon Silvestri said...

I am just not sure where to start! I am shaking laughing over the lover comment...

ELLEN!!!! It feels like All About Me day in grade 1! And I quite like it! But I like your mantel more. It looks amazing!!! Way to go. And thanks for the advertising. :)

I was all over those 31 Day ideas of yours for next year but OH MY Stephen I am totally stealing 31 Days of Slackolicious!!!!!

Many xoxoxoxoxoxoxo's to my fabby button designer.

And to the one who lovers the button also.

Anonymous said...

I like your fancy before and after picture. :) AND I like your mantel. If you did 31 days of mantel, you could just remove one leaf a day and then it would be close to winter and time for a real change anyway.

P.S. Every month is 31 days of slackolicious for Steve.

Anonymous said...

31 days of something. Hmm. I will give that some thought and let you know in about a month's time what I come up with. HEEEYYY!!!!! You should do 31 days of little known facts about the Titanic!!!

I love reading your blog. And the comments. I just love everyone here!!!


(haha! my "prove you're not a robot" word is "sniffa!" It goes with my sappy display of affection for all.

Anonymous said...

Nice Mantle. You should color the leaves on the decal tree. Did Lexie attack your flower arrangement in the fireplace? Thanks for looking after the kiddos. Jim