Wednesday, October 10, 2012


The crazy girl on the left turned 16 today.  That would be my niece Tia.  They grow up so fast, time flies, it seems like just yesterday, blah blah blah, insert your nostalgic cliches here.  They're all true.  She's an amazing kid/teen/almost young adult - she's beautiful inside and out, smart, athletic, responsible, and kind.  She's the kind of kid that gives teenagers a good name.  Unlike her sister.  Haha just kidding, Bailey.  You're awesome too.

Carefully saving the numbers so they can be used again at 19, 61, and 91.

I've been obsessed with the Rubik's Cube the past few days.  I used to know how to solve it when I was younger, but my memory - like so many other things - has deteriorated with age.  I played with it for a long time this weekend until I was close to solving it, but then I got stuck.  I put it on my night table while I slept and tried to figure it out when I woke up during the night.  Dale was not pleased about waking up to the click click of the cube.  Eventually I asked my brother to help, but he was rusty as well so he found me a website that could help.  Before Spencer went to bed tonight, I told him I'd pay him $5 if I couldn't solve it by the time he woke up tomorrow.  Thankfully the online instructions were easy to follow and I FINALLY solved it.  I feel like it's sort of cheating and I'll have to practice a few times until I can do it all by myself, but I'm calling it a victory.  This is an awesome self-portrait; I took about 20 pictures and this was the best one.


Daniel said...

Thanks for the great photos of Tia and her 'sweet 16'!

Uh huh, nice self portrait - looks like you're giving thanks for finishing it.

Stephen said...

Well, I don't know her, but, Happy Birthday to Tia. This means she can win the Hunger Games! (Sorry, I just read that... um... )

Self-Portrait: great smile.

Anonymous said...

I think your mom would be so proud of all your candle plans! Thanks for super fun time yesterday and happy birthday to your neice.


Anonymous said...

I never solved the rubik's cube...I just took the stickers off and rearranged them to be done.

You are impressive!

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the Rubik's cube!! I'd be lucky to get one side!! Remember when we would race and the pieces would come flying apart?! And the other puzzles; Pyramid, Missing Link, Octagon one....... wonder if they are kicking around somewhere? Jim

Anonymous said...

I LOVED having a Rubik's cube and got a book to learn how to solve it. I wonder if I could still do it? Hang on to yours so I can try next time we are in.

Happy birthday Tia!!! I have loved watching you grow up with the Kornelson Kids. It IS amazing how time goes by, but each year just keeps getting better as far as I am concerned!