Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The night before Halloween

Tomorrow is one of the most anticipated days of the year at our house.  I'm really not that much of a Halloween person - no hanging of tormented demons in our front yard or anything, but we carve a few pumpkins, put a fake spider on the front porch and we're good to go.  It's the candy that we all get excited about.  Well, mostly the kids, but honestly I'm pretty excited for all those cute little chocolate bars that don't even count as carb servings because they're so small.  I also like hanging out with our Halloween friends - a family that always comes over for pizza and trick or treating, and then we don't see them until the next Halloween - and just the fun atmostphere of the neighbourhood. 

After much deliberating and mind-changing, I think the kids have their costumes ready.  Neve's going to be a bride, Spencer's an Egyptian, and Chloe will be Minnie Mouse by day and a witch by night.  Chloe's thrilled that after nine Halloween-free years of school, she can finally be all pagan and wear a costume to school this year.  I can only imagine some of the costumes high-schoolers will come up with.  Apparently the principal made an announcement today about appropriate costumes, saying, "for example, if you come dressed as a nurse, make sure you are dressed like a nurse you would see in a hospital."  You know he's making that announcement for a reason.

Anyway, all the costumes were fairly straightforward.  We had to borrow an Egyptian accessory from Shannon, but other than that, the costumes were assembled from things we had on hand.  Unlike Neve's friend who is dressing up as a crayon/cat.  I'll be taking pictures of that one.

I picked through all the pumpkin guts to salvage the seeds, picked off all the stringy bits, washed them, drained them, dried them, and roasted them.  And that's the easy part.  Those things are a bugger to eat.  Are you supposed to shell them, or do you eat the whole seed?  How do I not know this?

Here are our pumpkin works of art.  I thought the children would want to carve them, but they just wanted to choose what to carve them as and let me do all the work.  The one on the left is supposed to be a puking pumpkin.  We did the same idea a few years ago, and both Neve and Spencer wanted to relive the glory.  I showed them lots of cool ideas on the internet, but they insisted on this.  Chloe wanted the face on the right, and I did a slighly crooked K. 

This photo was taken shortly before ambulances and emergency vehicles descended on our street and our next door middle-aged neighbour was carried out on a stretcher.  I talked to his elderly parents briefly; they were not doing well and looked like they could use an ambulance ride themselves.  Hoping he's okay; we've had enough action on our street for a while.

Wishing you all a safe, fun, warm, happy Halloween!  Resulting in lots of little Wunderbars!

after school popcorn and TV


Anonymous said...

"I also like hanging out with our Halloween friends - a family that always comes over for pizza and trick or treating, and then we don't see them until the next Halloween " - I think that is my favourite sentence in this whole post!! How does one take that??? that and Chloe's principal.

Happy Halloween, K family!! I LOVE the puking pumpkin. First time I saw that on someone's doorstep, I though it was so hilarious!! And still do, year after year.

I am celebrating Halloween with your brother tomorrow. We will be thinking of you and drink a pint in your honour!!



Daniel said...

Pumpkin seeds - they are a bit better when you peel them, but way too much work! Besides, if you eat the shell too, you get all that yummy salt.

Had a great time with Sio and about a dozen other people, at our old house, where the trick or treating was reduced a bit due to heavy rain, but still got quite a few kids. And I managed to sneak off with a handful of Reese's PB cups.

Anonymous said...

@Daniel...wimpy Vancouver kids in the rain...I hope you described some prairie winter Halloweens. :)

Ellen...dear, dear Ellen. I love Chloe's principal. I hope Chloe's Minnie Mouse is one that you would see in the old Disney shows...if you know what I mean. :P

Pumpkin seeds...eat 'em whole, Man!


Stephen said...

Sheri-Lee, tsk tsk. That's not very nice.
(It's not just the Vancouver kids who are wimps)

Ya like that Sio and Dan? :P

Anonymous said...

Haha Stevie - o!

Although, Dan will attest to the fact that I am, indeed, wimpy when it comes to rain...