Monday, November 05, 2012


Here's a picture of my desk with its miscellaneous items.  Not sure why or who would be interested in this, but I needed a distraction.  Actually it looks like I already have plenty.  I didn't label the lined papers under the phone - that's Spencer's travel journal from our trip this summer.  It's been sitting there since late July.  I need to print out a cover for it and coil-bind it one of these days.  Maybe tomorrow.  Probably not.

Not loving the time change this weekend.  I'm always so excited for that extra hour, always forgetting it comes with a price.  Neve started crying when she saw how dark it was when she came upstairs from her after-school TV watching.  I felt like crying too, but no tears came.  The good part is that because it felt so late, Neve was tucked in bed before 7:00.  That was a treat for all of us.  The other positive thing about the early darkness is that Toys R Us was deserted.  A friend said it was packed during the day, but I guess the dark combined with the raining snow kept everyone else away tonight.  There were about 20 staff members hanging around, constantly asking if they could help me.  It was like my own personal Midnight Madness sale.

Chloe and Dale went to the Bomber game on Saturday.  It was the Bomber's last ever game at the stadium, and Chloe's first ever time there.  She'd been wanting to go to a game all season, but for one reason or another, it never happened.  Then someone at work offered me free tickets, and it worked out like it was meant to be.  The Bombers had a rare win, and Dale and Chloe had a great time.


Daniel said...

Oh great, now I'll be staring all day at the stuff on my desk, trying to make up clever things about them all. Thanks L!

I'd love to read Spencer's journal!! Is he going to get it published?

I'm glad Chloe got her football wish!

Anonymous said...

Daniel...your comments made me smile.

Ellen...your blog made me smile too.


Anonymous said...

So cute - the photo of C and D!!

And I laughed out loud at Neve crying because it was so dark, and then again when you said it was a treat that she was in bed by 7!! Haha! Poor Neve!!



Stephen said...

Fun post! (Except for cold, outdoor football games. Blah. OOoooh! I just got beer spilled on me and what's that? I can't hear anymore! What?! No, my ears aren't frozen, just exploded! it's my legs, feet and arms that are numb. Some future generation will find my preserved carcass. That is if these barbarians around me don't resort to anthropophagy. PS: I like football on TV better).
Ummmmmm. Catharsis much Steve?

Sorry, Chloe and Dale, glad you got to go to the last stadium game.
We actually went a few weekends ago to watch our nephew play. Fun times (except when Emeth and I got kicked out for going into the north endzone stands which wasn't allowed)


What software did you use for adding the comments Ellen?

L said...

Steve - almost sounds like you don't like outdoor football. :)

I used Photoshop to add the comments.

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