Sunday, November 04, 2012


Not sure why I'm having such a tough time lately finding time to blog.  I have lots of things in my head that I want to write, and then I'm too tired.  So this will be a quick little update consisting of mainly photos.

Halloween was fun, but it felt a little more low key than usual.  We had fewer than 20 kids at our door, compared to about 30 every other year for the past 14 years.  The sidewalks on our street were very quiet; for a while I was worried we were out on the wrong night.  But people were giving out candy, so it was okay.  We had a good time with our Halloween friends, who came dressed as a groovy disco family (except the hunter).  The weather was actually pretty decent and it was fun being out.  The teenage girls went out on their own, and the boys went out on their own, which left my friend and I to walk around with the youngest girls.  Both Neve and her girl were talkative and social, so they took their time at each house, complimenting the candy givers on their Halloween decor or pet or pumpkin carvings.  One guy was very happy they'd noticed his pumpkin and told the girls he'd sandblasted the design into it.  The girls had no idea what sandblasting was, but they pretended to be impressed.  It always pays to be nice to the person with the bowl of candy.

The bounty

All of last week was busy - lots to do at work, plus something up every evening.  Spencer was off school on Friday, so we went to Sushi Train for lunch and then to the toy store at the Forks.  In the morning, two former co-workers came for tea.  Well, one is still a current co-worker, but she's on mat leave.  Her baby was so cute and so good that I'm thinking of having Dale's vasectomy reversed.  I held her for about an hour while she slept and it felt so amazing.

Funny little mini-car thing Spencer and I saw at the Forks on Friday.

He's not a fan of having his picture taken, but he humoured me with a forced smile.

Other weekend highlights included Happy Hour, sleeping in, going for a run, Mike & Darla over for dinner last night, an extra hour of sleep, a walk on the river walkway with my sister and niece, and dinner at their house after.  The week ahead looks less full than last week; I'm hoping for at least one night of mindless TV and a big bowl of popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Reversal eh?

Stephen...ignore this post.


Daniel said...

Awww, I love it that Neve took the time to offer compliments on decorations! What a sweetheart!

Spencer looks so cool (in the last portrait - just unsure with the baby).

L said...

S-L, I'm just waiting for Dale to read this post.

What I MEANT to say was: Best decision we ever made! Totally Worth It! And they give out Oreos after the procedure!