Monday, November 26, 2012


For those of you who have been wondering (anyone?), Swimmy II and Napoleon III have been alive and well for a couple of months.  They seem as happy as a lone fish in a little bowl can be; they are good eaters and always respond and make eye contact when we look at them.  The kids usually remember to feed them and we even give them fresh water now and then.  All is good in (our) pet land.  Just don't look too close at all the fish feces in the rocks.  Great, now you're looking. 


I promise I won’t talk about Christmas shopping every time I blog, but you should see the cool Christmas List app Chloe downloaded on her iPod.  It keeps track of all the gifts you want to buy, your budget and everything.  I have an excel spreadsheet that does the same thing, but it’s pretty tough carrying around my laptop while I shop.  I think it might be time to move beyond my free MTS Hello Kitty phone.


Check out this link on awesome pools.  Some of them are just artists’ renderings at this point, but amazing concepts nonetheless.  I love when people dream up crazy things like this and then actually make them happen.


And one more disturbing yet fascinating link.  This has been helpful in making my children happier with their lives.  "What?  You're whining because I cut your sandwich in half horizontally instead of diagonally?  At least you don't have to live in a cave with wild dogs and drink their breastmilk."  I'm not sure if animal milk is called breastmilk and I'm scared to google the answer.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for distracting me from work so well!!

The pool in Bali was AMAZING.

The children being reared by animals - kinda freaky!!

And i most definitely clicked on the photo of Swimmy/Nappie and checked out his poo at higher resolution.


Anonymous said...