Monday, November 19, 2012

Santa and a Sick Day

Another weekend has come and gone in the blink of an eye … just five more of those and it will be Christmas.  I’m feeling more on top of things than I usually do at this point, so I’m hoping to keep the crazy to a minimum.  I really like this blogger’s post (along with pretty much every post she writes) about keeping gifts quick and easy.  That way, you can spend time in December doing nice fun family things rather than shopping.  This of course sounds wonderful on paper – or screen – but in reality it’s not quite that simple.  First of all, not all gifts can be bought so easily; and secondly, I’m not that great at spending my free time wisely anyway.  However, I’ve got a large part of my gifts already bought and most of the rest can be done online, so I’m doing okay.  I’ve also gotten less selective about the gifts I buy (chocolates for everyone!) and am trying to pare down the children’s gifts.  The best way I can achieve this is to finish up my list and then stay out of the stores; it’s the “adding-on” that gets me every time.

Speaking of Christmas, we watched the Santa Claus parade from my office boardroom as usual, where there is warmth, a bathroom, and food and drink.  This photo is bad, but it sort of captures the mood.

These pictures below were taken on the same bench downtown after the parade.  The weather was actually quite pleasant this year too, but the snow makes everything feel colder.  I’m still hoping all the snow will melt – I rush to the window every morning with high hopes.  No luck so far, but tomorrow’s a new above-zero day.



Neve woke up with a raspy cough and a sore throat this morning.  Fortunately I had no important plans today, so I went upstairs to get her blankets and pillow to make the couch into a nice cozy bed for her.  When she saw the pile of blankets in my arms, she looked displeased and said – in a perfectly clear, unsickly voice, “I hope you know YOU are putting that all back and making my bed after.”  That’s when I knew that she wasn’t that sick. 

But it was a good excuse for me to cuddle with her and read books.  I would’ve liked the convalescence to last a little longer, but it wasn’t long until she said she was feeling better and wanted nothing to do with the nap I suggested (for myself).  So she did puzzles and played on her “new iPod Touch” (Dale’s old iPhone) while I worked. 

Spencer read her a book before he went to school

I leave you with a random picture of my niece Lexie.  I think she has a mouthful of milk.


Daniel said...

Hah! Neve is a cheeky little monkey, even when "sick"! Glad you two enjoyed your day together.

Let me help you with your shopping. ;-)

Lexie is a doll!

Anonymous said...

I'm home with a poopy boy today. We should plan our kids sick days so we can go fo' coff' again. :)


Daniel said...

Sheri-Lee!! You watch your language!!!! There are KIDS around!