Sunday, November 11, 2012


The big news here today is ... you'll never guess ... SNOW in Winnipeg in November!  It's the talk of the town.  The reason this is so unbelievably remarkable is unclear.  I will admit it's crazy to think that just 48 hours ago there wasn't a flake of snow on the ground.  Now there is no ground to be seen.  I'm never ready for snow, but I will also secretly admit that it's a tiny bit exciting how bright and fresh everything looks.  I thought I had taken inventory of the children's outerwear needs and had everything ready, but apparently I was drunk when I did it because suddenly one child needs snow pants, two need boots, and one has no mitts (I can't be blamed for the mitt situation because the child had mitts at the time, but has since lost one).  Neve and Spencer went out to play in the snow this morning and it took about 30 minutes to get them dressed and out the door.  But it was all Worth It because shortly thereafter, there were piles of wet boots, snowpants and snow-covered mitts spread all over the floor.  It's going to be a long winter.  Chloe and Spencer are actually playing outside right now - seems wrong when it's so dark, but it's really only 8:30 ... better to be playing outside than watching TV.
It's been a very busy but fun weekend.  Friday Spencer & I went to MTYP to see Potted Potter.  It was the funniest performance I've ever seen there; we laughed so hard.  Chloe was supposed to go with us, but her cheer team was performing at the high school championship football game at the stadium.  Funny how she hadn't been to the stadium before and then ends up going twice in one week.  Anyway, she really wanted to go to MTYP as well, so I switched her ticket to today's show and she went by herself.  Also this weekend:  Spencer's fencing tournament, three birthday parties, an afternoon at YFC's recreational facility downtown, gymnastics, a make-your-own-pizza party last night, and friends over for brunch today.  And of course, winter boot shopping.  Spencer hates shopping so much that he decided he doesn't need winter boots.  We had an old hand-me-down pair that sort of fit him and he insisted they were good enough.  I'm skeptical they will be warm enough, but if it saves him a trip to the mall, he'll struggle through the winter.  My hope is that he realizes a toe amputation would be less pleasant than twenty minutes at Sears. 

One more installment in my Movember series (in addition to the one on Facebook):


Anonymous said...

Wow - busy weekend! I love that Chloe went to the theatre on her own! Hilarious account of winter wear - the snow really does look pretty. I always love the first snow.

Love the movember photos!

See you soon!


Daniel said...

Beautiful snow, the pizza looks delicious, and the kids look great with the 'staches.

Anonymous said...

Your pizza making looks so glamorous. It must be your fancy camera and good photographer's eye. :)

I love the Movember mugs. Awesome.

And I love the first snow too. I like the feeling of being a bit cut off from the world until you shovel yourself out. I like the fun of the kids licking the snow before it gets potentially contaminated by dogs, squirrels and who knows what else.

Gotta go shovel...I've got to get groceries today.


Mrs White said...

I am sooo not looking forward to the snow. Makes for great pictures though. The one you posted is beautiful. Enjoy!
Can I ask you to keep it West though? lol I know, I know...sharing means caring. lol

Oh and by the way..that pizza looked gooooood!!!

Mrs White