Sunday, November 25, 2012

Someone's getting old

Dale had a birthday yesterday.  I think he had a good day; I know I did.  The girls were off school so we brought treats to Dale’s work and took him for lunch.  After work, I met him at Ten Spa where we had massages and hung out in the steam room.  It was a little luxurious slice of heaven on a Friday night.  And it wasn’t even my birthday.  When we got home, Chloe had peach crumble (Dale’s request) ready, hot from the oven.  So hot in fact, that the candles melted into the peach crumble and we had to cut the pieces around the candle holes.  Then we had a foosball tournament (also Dale’s request), which he won, even when he played against all four of us at the same time.  We finished off the evening with The Little Rascals movie (not Dale’s request).

In other news, I had a little flu bout this week.  That was fun.  I’m so rarely sick that I view it as a disappointing personal failure when I am. To make things worse, I was the only one in the family to succumb to it.  On the bright side, I was able to wear a skinny dress to work that I haven’t worn for a while.  It’s always a little disappointing that the weight loss doesn’t last longer.  My tummy went nice and flat after not eating for a day or two and then I take one bite of dry toast and it pops right back out, rounder than ever.  I tried not eating even after I felt totally better, but I was getting all shaky and weak and there's nothing hot about a frail, skinny person who always has to rest.  Or is there?

Dale worked most of the day today so I was stuck driving the kids to their activities in the midst of a heavy snowfall.  After dropping Spencer off at fencing, the girls and I went to a craft sale.  I had pictured us strolling happily through the booths, sipping apple cider and finishing up my Christmas shopping.  My fantasy started to deflate when the parking lot was full and I had to drive around searching for a spot.  I hadn’t pictured us running across Main Street with a blustery, icy wind taking our breath away.  Once inside, there was no shortage of beautiful crafts and art, but there was also no shortage of people in big puffy parkas all rubbing up against me.  I had to hold on to Neve to push her through the crowds, which made her mad.  She was the only little kid there; in hindsight, I should have realized why.  Even if there’d been apple cider (maybe there was some in the café but we didn’t make it there), it would have spilled all over everyone’s coats and infinity scarves.  The older I get, the less I can handle crowds so we didn’t last very long.  As for Christmas shopping, all I bought were cookies for the girls.  So that didn’t work out great, but I probably just went at a bad time.  I’m getting a little worried about my self-imposed December 1st Christmas shopping deadline.  I felt like I had a good jump on things, but it’s come to a standstill.  This is a conversation that I have every single year with more than one person.

Me:  Have you started your Christmas shopping?

Other person:  What?!  NO!!  It’s only November 15; what kind of sick, twisted person even THINKS of Christmas that early?!

One week later …

Me:  Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Other person (same one as above):  Yeah, I think I’m done.  I have the tree up, baking done, and the gifts wrapped.  I just need to mix the punch for Christmas dinner and then I’m all ready.

The moral of the story is that I need to stop asking people that question.


Anonymous said...

Or at least stop asking that same one crazy person who can get their Christmas shopping/prep done in one week....Darla...or Shannon. :P

I'm surprised Dale did not request The Little Rascals...he's very rascally. I also like the intensity in his face when he's kicking Chloe's butt at foosball. :) Happy Birthday Dale!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dale!! Sounds like a great day!

And, Christmas shopping - maybe don't think about it and then you will see great things at random moments.

I don't know. It's way past my bedtime and I'm wide awake and so tired all at teh same time. I'm kind of delirious.



Anonymous said...

Hee made me laugh SL!