Saturday, December 15, 2012

A quiet Saturday night

One more week of festivities until Christmas holidays: two more kids concerts - one at church and one at Neve's school, a Christmas banquet with the teen mom group, an adult concert (Quinzmas), a gymnastics Christmas party, Christmas chapel at Spencer's school, a couple of lunches/coffee with friends, and a sushi night with friends.  Throw in a little work, a tiny bit more shopping and wrapping, a hair appointment, bringing baked goods for an assortment of school and church functions, sending out Christmas cards, and I've got myself a busy week.  I'm actually looking forward to pretty much everything - it's going to be a good week

Thursday was Neve's turn to shine.  She's been taking a hip hop class at the community centre and they put on a ten-minute recital for the parents.  If only all concerts/recitals/performances were ten minutes long, this world would be a better place.  Neve loves hip hop and she takes it with two very good friends; I think the teacher has her hands full with them.  Let's just say those girls are not shy when they're all together.


I had such a great day today.  I had to transport children all morning, but I was home shortly after 1:00 and didn't leave the house again.  We had pancakes for a late lunch, I had a blissful nap, and then put on my old gigantic heather grey Reebok sweats and my grey Roots sweatshirt that I got for my birthday at least 20 years ago - not even exaggerating.  Chloe went to a party at her friend's house and Dale went to a party that I opted out of, so Spencer, Neve and I ate popcorn and watched Christmas specials.  Best night ever.  A night off on a December weekend is such a luxury.  The school shooting in Connecticut made me treasure a night with the kids even more.  I can hardly stand reading or hearing about it - I wish I could just pretend it never happened.  I'm sure the families there wish that a thousand times more than I do.  One little grade one girl that was killed apparently went to Spencer's school last year ... so, so sad.

Back to lighter things, Dale gave me my birthday gift a week early, which is something we never normally do.  It's a new cell phone; he didn't know if he'd have time to buy it later this week, and I can't go a week without a phone so he gave it to me tonight.  Once the kids went to bed, I set it all up and have been playing with it ever since.  I've never had data on my phone before, so I'm feeling pretty advanced with my new technology.  Good bye, Hello Kitty phone.

We had our little neighbourhood party last night.  I guess a lot of neighbours were feeling like I did tonight, and just stayed home in their pyjamas instead of coming by.  A grand total of three neighbour families came; luckily they were good ones, and some other friends and family came by as well, so it was a fun night.  The kids loved it and all the adults appeared to have a good time, so I'm calling it a success.  It made me clean the house and get things organized, so that made today extra nice with no cleaning to do or food to prepare.

Neve and friends at the party


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Hello Kitty phone???


Anonymous said...

yay!! I can text you photos of birds all day long now!! Wahoo!!

Is it wrong of me to say I was disappointed there was no whining in this post? I so love when you whine. Yet you were delightfully happy, content and grateful, it was hard to stay disappointed for very long.

Incredibly sad that you have a connection to the shooting in Connecticut. I did read that one family had recently moved from Canada. It was terrible to think of the unjust irony of that regarding gun laws.

I smiled thinking of the dance teacher trying to cope with Neve and her comrades. I can only imagine!!

So glad you had a wonderful weekend, Ellen!! And I hope you have a good texting plan because I LOVE to text!!!