Sunday, December 02, 2012

And suddenly it's December

It was Elf night at our house tonight.  We didn't have spaghetti and maple syrup or anything, but it was pretty fun.  It's such a great movie.  The best part was cleaning our basement beforehand.  It's still not great, but at least now I don't want to pick up a sledgehammer and tear down our wannabe Mexican stucco walls quite as badly.

My goal for December was to be finished my shopping (sorry, talking about Christmas shopping again) so I could just relax and hang out with the family and feel Christmasy.  I've done pretty good with the shopping; there are lots of odds and ends I still need to get, but I was still able to have a nice, relaxing weekend.  We got our tree, decorated part of it, and have house decorations spread around the rest of the house.  Neve unpacked things and lined everything up in a row on the mantel, which looks awesome.  Actually it doesn't look much different than when I do it so it will probably stay that way.  My Christmas decor isn't perfect, but it all has sentimental value to the kids, so I'm happy with that.  My biggest advice to new parents would be: be careful what you buy or display when your children are little because it just "won't be Christmas" for them without that cheap ceramic Santa sitting by a fireplace with a tea light candle holder that makes the fire look real(ish).  We're locked into that one for the rest of our lives.  But it is fun seeing how excited the kids get about all their favourite ornaments.  The Playmobil advent calendar is another thing we'll be doing forever.  We've done all the Playmobil calendars a few times each, so now I buy miscellaneous Playmobil sets and make up my own, using the boxes from the calendars we have.  There's nothing I'd rather do at 7:00 a.m. on December first.  All I can say is:  young parents, be careful!

This weekend started off great Friday right after school when Neve convinced me to come to the far end of the field to see the ice slide she plays on at recess.  It was just a small, gentle slope, maybe a foot high at the start.  She showed me how she went down it, both hurling herself to her knees and sliding down, and by sliding down in a standing position.  I thought I'd be the fun mom and try it.  The crashing to the knees looked violent and painful, so I thought I'd try standing.  That was the worst idea I've ever had.  Like something straight out of AFV, my feet just gave way under me and I fell FLAT on my back on the hard ice, banging my head on it as a bonus.  Of course I jumped up quickly and pretended to be fine, but MAN did that hurt.  I woke up Saturday with pain in my back, ribs, and head.  Dale happened to have a disposable heating pad thing for lower back pain that you wrap around and affix with velcro, so that helped a bit.  It sucks being old.

Saturday was a day of great joy for Neve - Chloe took her to the mall for their first shopping trip together.  One of the best things about being a parent of more than one child is seeing your kids enjoy being together.  (I'm full of parenting wisdom today.)  Apparently I wasn't the only happy one; I took a picture of them before they left, and Dale took one when he dropped them off at the mall.  They were so cute together; they even coordinated their outfits the night before.  When I met them a few hours later, they were both glowing with their little shopping bags from Forever XXI and Claire's (Neve) and Bath & Body (Chloe).  I'm not a fan of crowded malls on December Saturdays, so I wanted to get out of there, but Neve wanted me to come to Lush to show me some soap that was like play-dough so I fought my way through the crowds.  I think she was expecting me to buy it for her but I didn't, so she bought it with her own money.  Then Chloe made another stop at The Body Shop and the store was so full with a long line-up and she couldn't decide what to buy and I was getting claustrophobic and boiling hot because I was still wearing that heating pad. So that was the end of that shopping trip.  The crowds didn't bother the girls at all, so I'm sure this was the first of many excursions.  At least until their money runs out.


Stephen said...

A few days ago, I spent about 1/2 an hour watching people hurt themselves on Youtube. It makes you come to one of two conclusions:
a) never. attempt. anything.
b) remember this: absolutely anything can hurt you.

A cheery December to you and yours :)


Daniel said...

Oh man, sorry about your fall - that kinda spoils the fun of playing like a kid.

The girls look adorable, and happy!

Anonymous said...

The glory of wiping out playing is that you can use it to remind your kids at later dates when you warn them, "If you do that, you're probably going to fall and get hurt--remember when I did that on the ice slide at your school?" You may not have to do that with your kids, they seem very sane. I need those kind of back ups every day with Emeth. Do you have a video of your wipe out so I can show him the next time I have to say, "Emeth, it's sleet raining and you should not try to slide down the outdoors railing standing up because it's icy and there is a 4 foot drop to the patio stones at the bottom--remember that video of Mrs.Kornelson sliding down the ice slide?"

Girl shopping trips. Awesome. I think if I ever send my boys on a solo shopping trip I'm likely to be called by mall security...because Emeth has talked Ben into riding down the escalator standing on the railing.

I think we need to start the Elf tradition. That's a gooder. :)

How does your tree decorating go? I always envision a lovely quiet evening with the lights dimmed and Christmas music in the background and me (like my mom) putting the hooks on the ornaments and Steve (like my dad) helping the kids get the ornaments on the higher branches...everyone happy and cheery and then a nice cup of eggnog or hot chocolate at the end by the light of the tree. So far, it's mostly us getting frustrated as the kids fight over which ornament they want to put on and where they should go and who's touching things they shouldn't be touching, etc. They are so excited they just can't contain themselves and I have to repeatedly remind myself that they are just too excited, right??

P.S. I am not done my Christmas shopping yet either. It feels like I have a fair amount to do yet...maybe I should get going and stop blogging on YOUR blog. Sorry.