Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas countdown


Here are some poor photos (with other children’s identities obscured - makes the monks look rather sinister) from this week’s concerts.  Spencer had a few lines at the church concert, and Neve sang in the choir.  It was really cute.  Neve’s school concert was on Tuesday, which was also adorable.  They did The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and she and all the other girls in her class were Cindy Lou Who.  They wore their pyjamas and Neve was beaming the whole time.  I’ve learned the hard way not to use my new cell phone as a substitute for my good camera.  Who knew.  At least I don't even have to try to obscure anyone's faces.  Neve is the one on the far right in the light pink pyjamas.


Spencer was sick today, which totally changed my day.  He went straight to bed as soon as he got in the door from school yesterday and still had a fever and headache this morning.  So instead of spending the day at work, I just popped in for a few minutes, did a few errands and stayed home the whole rest of the day, except to pop in to the drug store tonight.  Spencer slept on the couch all day – we tried watching a movie together, but it hurt his head – so I wrapped every last gift.  I’m 100% done shopping and wrapping.  Oh, except for one more thing I have to pick up tomorrow.  I hate that “one last thing.”  When I was walking into the drug store tonight, I saw Gail Asper running to the card store nearby, but it had just closed.  So she ran into the drug store and I saw her trying to choose a card.  It made me feel better to think that even successful people probably always have that “one more thing” too.  I just assumed they were more organized than me.

I always panic at the end because I think of other people I should thank at this time of year with a heartfelt, thoughtful token.  Like the computer teacher and the school custodian and the trash collectors and our local MLA.  And even though we contributed to the teachers’ group gifts, should I still get them a little something?  I have to stop thinking about it and tell myself that these people will have happy Christmases even if I don’t give them a little 3-pack of Lindt chocolates.  Or will they?  Maybe Shoppers is still open.

I haven’t done a card for a few years, ever since the 40th Fiasco.  Not to open old wounds or anything, but you may remember the year I was about to turn 40, I did a Top Five highlights of the year type of letter.  At Dale’s suggestion, I added in a box that said “most anticipated event of the year,” which was “what will Dale do for my 40th since I surprised him with a trip to Vegas.”  I remember asking him if he was sure he wanted to include that, and he said yes.  Based on that, and some not-so-subtle hints that we were going to Mexico, when I opened my tickets to Vancouver, I may not have been as excited as Dale was hoping.  Long story short, after our Christmas letter went out, people kept asking excitedly what Dale had gotten me.  That put me off Christmas letters for a while.  But it’s all water under the bridge and Vancouver was lovely.

But since we had a decent family picture from PEI this summer, I thought this would be the year to do a picture Christmas card.  I left it too late, until last week one night when I couldn’t sleep.  Let’s just say the whole thing looked better at two in the morning then it did when I picked up the finished product at Costco the next day.  I have no list or labels and am just randomly addressing them and handing them out when I have a minute.  Some have made it into the mail; others have not.  I’ve given at least one empty envelope; others may receive two cards, and still others none.  I’m sorry.  Me and Christmas cards are not best friends.  If you didn’t receive a card and want one, let me know.  I ordered a lot.  I wasn’t thinking clearly at that hour.

I’m officially off work now until after New Years, so I’m pretty excited about that.  I got a lot done today and while I may not be ahead of the game, I’m definitely in the game.  No one likes to see their child sick, but the house sure stays neater.  I really hope he’s better tomorrow; he doesn’t want to miss the Christmas festivities at school and I don’t want to miss my manicure date with a friend.

Happy almost-Christmas-holidays!!


Anonymous said...

How is Spencer feeling today? Emeth woke up with the same complaints at midnight (it's the end of the world for him). :P We're supposed to drive to my parents' in Carman after school and I'm a bit leary to put him in a car...did Spencer puke?


Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say that Gail Asper is Jewish and doesn't probably plan too many Christmas things...and maybe it's just harder to find the right Hanukkah card. ahem. :)


Anonymous said...

AAAAND, Gail also probably gave the help the day off and then regretted it as soon as she realised she had one more card to buy.

I hope Spencer is better - too sick to watch a movie is REALLY sick. Poor thing.

I loved the ninja monks. I bet they are really spiritually sneaky.