Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

I love it when my birthday falls on a Saturday; it spreads out the celebrating for the whole weekend.  Well, maybe no one else was still celebrating me by Sunday night, but I was.  It started Friday with shellac manicures at Tiber River with my friend Kristin.  I've never had one before, but I love it. 
Friday night, Dale and I went to the Quinzmas concert with some friends and neighbours.  It was such a great show - so fun and spirited and Christmasy.  This is the last year they're putting it on, which is very sad.
Saturday was a lazy morning.  Neve was supposed to go to her gymnastics Christmas party and then we were going to go for brunch, but both Neve and Spencer weren't feeling great.  Neve skipped the party and Dale made crepes for us instead.  My family spoiled me with gifts - in addition to the iPhone Dale gave me last week, I got a carrier bag for my bike, a book I really wanted, cookies Neve had made at school, a duct tape wallet from Chloe, and more.  Then we headed to Teresa & Anthony's for dinner with friends, lots of delicious appetizers, sushi-making, and an amazing cake.  Spencer still wasn't feeling great so he stayed at my parents' most of the time, and Neve lost steam early, so that was too bad, but it was still a very fun night with great friends. 

I forgot the photo trick of holding my arm away from my side so that the flab doesn't spread out like this.  It's hard to remember everything when you're 43.

Yesterday, we had another lazy morning with mildly sick kids.  After a while, I got tired of smelling the kids' sick breath everywhere I turned, so Dale and I went to a matinee.  Then we went to Bob & Janet's to celebrate Bob's birthday.  The nerve of him cutting into my birthday weekend.  Another fun, late night.  Today the kids have been tired and cranky, so we're setting ourselves up for an awesome Christmas Eve.  I had hoped to go sliding or skating, but it's - 50 or something outside.  Then I thought about going bowling, but the bowling alley was closed.  Some fresh air would have been beneficial for everyone, but we're using the children's ill health as an excuse to stay inside and watch Christmas with the Kranks. 

Attacking the gingerbread house at my sister's

We're going to get some dinner going shortly, then go to the candelight service at church, and come home and open some presents.  Dale's mom will join us, and hopefully my sister and her family will come by for a bit as well.  Tomorrow we'll go to my parents, and to Dale's mom the next day.  Lots of fun and excitement ahead - just hoping the kids will be happy and reasonably healthy.

Wishing everyone a happy, relaxing, joyful merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

But you did remember the trick of keeping your arm close to your side so your pit sweat doesn't show. :)

Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas Ellen!


Daniel said...

I just thought you'd been pumping iron. All that food looks delicious!