Wednesday, January 02, 2013


The egg nog and Toblerone are gone, the Christmas playlist is off the ipod, and I’ve gotten almost all my Christmas cards sent out.  We had fun; I just wish it wouldn’t have gone by so fast.  


And now 2013 is upon us.  I publicly shun resolutions, but secretly I have all sorts of things to improve on in the new year.  Most of my resolutions are actually for others, like for the kids to improve their manners and be more positive.  They love that.  My only aim for this year is to take a picture every day with my new birthday iPhone and post it on Instagram.  I believe you can access it without a smart phone: check out if you want.  No pressure. 

My brother Dan has also taken up the challenge, which is both good and bad.  Good because it’s much more fun to do this with someone else and it will keep me more committed.  Bad in that his pictures are going to make mine look like something a toddler took with her plastic Fisher Price camera.  His pictures are here:

Speaking of cameras, we gave Neve a Barbie camera for Christmas.  It’s literally a Barbie that’s a camera.   
It’s hilarious and it actually works quite well.  Even though Neve asked for this for the last two years (I couldn’t find it last year), she didn’t seem delighted when she opened it and she’s hardly played with it at all.  I’m getting her socks next year.

After days of hibernation, we finally left the house yesterday.  We took our pasty-faced selves to the hill by the creek and spent a couple of happy hours sledding. Chloe would have been a bit happier if there hadn’t been some boys from her school there.  She was suddenly very self-conscious and wished she wasn’t wearing ski pants.  Apparently there is nothing more mortifying than wearing snow pants in front of boys she claims she doesn’t even like.  We came back all rosy-cheeked and clear-headed and rewarded ourselves with a chocolate fondue.  As if one excursion wasn’t enough, we then proceeded to go on a second one!  On the same day!  However, we didn’t actually have to leave our van; we did the Winter Wonderland drive-through lights show.  It was fine, but it feels sort of wrong to do Christmas things after Boxing Day.

Some kind people were handing out free hot chocolate at the bottom of the hill.  Their motives were unclear, but we took our chances and survived. 

Today I burst out of relaxation mode and painted the main floor bathroom.  It was brown before, now it’s a light gray that I copied from my friend Kristin’s walls.  I’ve only done one coat so far, which took a lot longer than I thought such a small room would take.  But I like it so far – it feels fresh and bright.  We want to put up some shelves, etc., so I’ll post some pictures in a year or two when we finish that up. 

Spencer’s been spending a very large part of his days playing Minecraft on the new computer.  I encouraged him to invite a friend over today so he could do something different, but that backfired.  Turns out the friend likes Minecraft even more than Spencer does and I didn’t want to be the mean mom and ban them from the computer.  I did chase them outside for a while, but they basically just stood right outside the door and talked about Minecraft. Once school starts again, I’ll be more strict about screen time limits, but for now, it lets me paint in peace.

My body isn’t going to know what hit it when the alarm goes off at 7:00 a.m. for work tomorrow.  I still want to do another coat of paint tonight, so I’d best get on that.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - this morning, my alarm went off in my dream for a good minute before I knew what was going on. Thankfully, the kids I look after are away so I can sleep in again tomorrow. Ease back into this whole working thing.

So cute about Chloe and teh snow pants. And so it really begins...

I love the photo of Neve with all teh wrapping paper. Hilarious!!

I'm not fixing my TEH's. You know who I am now. It will be my new signature.

Anonymous said...

The Barbie Camera is hilarious!


Stephen said...

I'd join you on the challenge but... my iPod touch is so low res you can't tell if it's a picture of a stalactite or a stalagmite. ... or something.

Minecraft Toga Party!

L said...

Steve, good eye to notice the toga! I meant to write that Spencer doesn't even take the time to put on a shirt before running to the computer in the mornings. Precious seconds saved!

And also, I've seen your pictures, and they're awesome. Think of all the great pics you could take in the next few weeks.

Daniel said...

I will carefully check to make sure I fix all my teh' s, so I'm not mistaken for my fellow Vancouverite.

'Their motives were unclear' - priceless!

You flatter me, but now I'm nervous about living up to that high billing!! C'mon Steve - it's ART - you don't have to have able to recognize things!!

Stephen said...

What the hey! I'll try to stay relevant with the cool people.

I think you have to follow me to see the pictures but, here's the link:

Mainly pics from the haiku challenges I believe.

joan said...

Hilarious as usual El! If I need a good laugh your blog is my go to place!
I would leave more comments, however, I seem to have some difficulty proving I'm not a robot.....