Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dog birthdays and bathroom painting

I feel like I’m neglecting the blog a bit now that I’m doing the daily Instagram photo thing.  It’s kind of fun and a lot quicker than blogging.  Hopefully I’ll eventually be able to do both.

So we made it through the first week back to school.  Or was this the second week already?  Once the back-to-school anxiety was over with, it went pretty smoothly.  Spencer and Neve started swimming lessons on Tuesday; again much anxiety beforehand but both kids grudgingly muttered afterward that they’d had fun.  The three letter F word is hard to admit to sometimes.

Also this week was the celebration of Neve’s stuffed puppy’s 1st/7th (human years/dog years) birthday.  Technically her birthday was on Dec. 25 since Neve got her for Christmas last year, but she didn’t remember until the other day.  How can a mother always be expected to remember her child’s birthday.  We had to get the dog gifts – things we found around the house – and birthday cake and everything.  Nothing like another birthday to make it four birthday months in a row.  Six if you count mine and Dale’s.  And you should.

I’ve spent more time this week than I’ll ever admit trying to get all our iphones and ipods and imacs set up properly.  We all have different emails, but some of us share an Apple ID and all of us share an iTunes account.  It’s a bit of a nightmare.  I’ve made some progress, but Dale’s pictures still show up on my iphone (but not vice versa), and whenever I download an app, it shows up on Neve’s ipod-formerly-known-as-Dale’s-iphone (but not vice versa).  But I’ve got the calendar all synced, which I love.  We’ve gone paperless.  The other thing I love is the Find my iPhone app.  Since all our accounts are connected, whenever I want to know where Dale is, I can find him by a little green dot on the map.  I know it’s kind of creepy and stalker-like, but so very handy.  It works with the kids’ ipods too.  Big Brother is in the house.

The bathroom-updating project is still in progress.  Dale whipped up some floating shelves for the wall behind the toilet, and I wanted to paint the wall behind them a different colour, like this.  I bought a turquoise-like colour at first, but I painted the first coat this morning and it looked awful (see photo below).  I debated just painting it the same as the rest of the bathroom, but I clung to my dream.  I went and bought a new colour and I like it a lot better.  The painting’s now done and Dale said he’d put the shelves up tomorrow.  I still have to get a new window covering and some baskets for the shelves, but it’s coming along. So if anyone wants a full quart of turquoise paint that's sort of like the colour of the "mart" in Kmart, it's yours.

yeah, I know, this looks bad.  Stay tuned for the "after" pics.


Anonymous said...

I dunno - it kinda looks like the sky. I like it!! Pooping under a big blue sky is never a bad thing!

And wow - that's crazy Apple Mac business going on over there!! But I like the Big Brother thing. That's FUN!!!


ps - I've been checking out your and Dan's photos. I love them!! I just haven't signed up to comment.

Daniel said...

I too like the 'insta' part of the photo-a-day thing. Though, trying to decide which filter to use to degrade the quality of the photo always take a little time.

Happy Birthday, little dog!

Shannon Silvestri said...


kole said...

I'm excited to see the after photos.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ellen. I haven't been blog-reading for awhile. Now that I've decided to boycott Facebook, I'm back to reading blogs. Anyway, all that to say that you made me laugh. And I think you're pretty amazing with all your home decorating AND keeping up with all your tech stuff AND eating so much Toblerone yet remaining fit and happily married to a Dietician :) ~ Janelle