Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am good at confedens

Neve brought her "reflection journal" home from school yesterday.  It is full of gems like this:

"She" is Neve's teacher.  The one who is saying "I Love You" to Neve in the drawing.  My kid may need to work on humility and spelling, but she rocks at confidence.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - THAT is FUUUUUUNNY!!!!!! Her teacher saying "I love you"? HILARIOUS!!!

I must say, Neve has beautiful penmanship!


Mrs White said...

Love it!
Growing up having confidence always helps! Way to go Neve. lol

Mrs White

Rose said...

Neve forgot to say she is great at printing neatly! Well done!

Daniel said...

Yeah, she prints better than I do.

Love it!!

(I think Neve needs to rewrite some of the robot tests - some of them are impossible to make out!)