Monday, January 07, 2013

Tell me why I don't like Mondays

The kids are back in school, and as wonderful as our holidays were, since 9:00 this morning I've mostly just been sitting and taking deep breaths with long and loud exhales.  None of the children were particularly excited about going back to school, but Spencer was in a category of his own.  He's been stressing about going back to school for a week already; my advice to enjoy every day and not waste it worrying about school was not heeded.  This morning, he was on the brink of an anxiety attack.  Five minutes before we had to leave, he was still not dressed, breakfast had not been eaten and his backpack not packed.  And he'd been up since 7:00, lying on the couch.  When we finally got into the van, I let him rant for 30 seconds about how much he hates school.  I tried to concentrate on counting to 30 but I still heard snippets of how school is "pure misery" and how it "defiles everything it touches."  I'm not sure what the problem is; he does well in school, has a good teacher, and good friends.  I think it's mostly that he'd prefer to spend the day playing Minecraft.  Whatever the case, I was trying to think of a nice after-school treat for him, but maybe that's too much like a reward for being negative and stressed. Maybe I'll do the opposite and greet him at the door with flashcards and a workbook or a trip to Sylvan Learning Centre.  That will teach him to pretend he likes school.  I think I'm on to something.  Another chapter for the parenting book I plan to write someday.

Right now I'm enjoying my calm and quiet house and the fact that I don't have to get anyone anything to eat or chase anyone off a screen or find a misplaced item.  I finally have access to the new iMac, so I'm playing around with that, and getting some work done in peace.  At least for another hour or so until Neve come home for lunch.

We ended the Christmas holidays happily:  Friday we went skating at the duck pond and got treats at Rocky Mountain Chocolate, had Happy Hour, then went to the Y.  The kids always gaze longingly at the waterslides at the Fermor Y whenever we pass by, so we made the trip over there.  Unfortunately the pool had closed five minutes before we got there due to a pool "fouling."  I guess that's better than if it had closed five minutes after we got there.  Especially if we'd been in the pool with the shit or whatever caused the "fouling." So we drove to the extreme opposite end of the city and went to a different Y where the pool was not "fouled."  After we swam, the kids played on the play structure there until after 10:00 p.m.  It was a nice, relaxed, unstructured evening.

Other weekend activities included fencing, gymnastics, a mall excursion for Chloe and Neve, playing with friends, dinner at Corrientes and Rook with Mike and Darla on Saturday, and hanging out at Bob & Janet's last night.  Oh, and I finished painting the bathroom.  I've still got the shelves and some tiling to do, but it's heading in the right direction.  Since I had the paint out, I pretended we were selling our house and started patching and priming and touching up miscellaneous nicks and holes.  That took much longer than anticipated because I couldn't find the paint I used in the kitchen and tried several different ones that all looked like the same shade but were not (my paint cans are now all labelled).  It's definitely a domino effect; everything I haven't painted now looks like a rundown crack house in comparison.  

Hope your 'back-to-routine' is going as smoothly as possible.


Anonymous said...

Why didn't you call me to patch up the nicks and stuff?! Jim

L said...

you know why. I'd still be painting. But if you're so eager to help, I'll call you for help with the tiling.

Shannon Silvestri said...

First, I'm gonna try that trick on my blog and hope someone offers their expertise! Nice!!

Second, I so so wish Cate had heard Spencer's rant.