Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The bathroom gets an update

I'd like to introduce you to my newly decorated bathroom.  The first Before and After picture below might not make much of an impact, but keep scrolling.

I still think bad thoughts about the quasi-plumber who, for no reason, didn't centre the toilet.

no more unorganized baskets of stuff under the sink

instead, baskets of stuff are now on the shelves (but more organized!)
I wish I had pushed the towels further to the right before I took this picture. 

I'm happy with how it turned out; it feels fresh and bright and clean.  I've been drinking lots of water and tea just so I have an excuse to use the bathroom more often.  I'm loving the shelves - I found instructions for building floating shelves here and Dale did a fantastic job making them.  I'm still playing around with the shelf arrangements.  I mostly used things I already had around the house.  Some fresh or nice fake flowers would add some life to it, and I'm going to keep my eyes open for something less plasticy than the Dollarama mirror.  My friend Kristin is going to make me new blinds once I get new fabric and I'd still like to put tile between the sink and the bottom of the mirror.  So it's still a work in progress, but nothing urgent (unless you care about the neighbours seeing you naked when you shower).  It's amazing how good it feels to do a little home project like this.  There's no shortage of spaces in this house needing projects, so we'll see what we'll tackle next. 

It's highly unlikely we'll tackle anything if it means leaving the house for supplies.  I tried to stay strong and not mention the weather, but I am weak.  Apparently yesterday was Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.  That may not be the case in Miami or Costa Rica, but with temperatures of -30 here, I'd have to agree.  Spencer couldn't bear the thought of going to school yesterday so I let him stay home because it was so cold.  I think he struggles with symptoms of depression and he's hating school this year.  There's no obvious reason for it - he likes his teacher and does well socially and academically - so I'm hoping it's just a phase that will pass.  In the meantime, I'm subscribing to Corinna's mom's philosophy and aiming to get him to school 80% of the time.  I'm sure my carpoolers are thrilled about that.  I bet Corinna's mom did more stimulating things with her children than let them play Minecraft all day but unfortunately I still had to work (to pay for tuition for school he doesn't want to attend). 

Anyway, I survived yesterday - and even walked Neve to and from school - but today I'm giving up.  I refuse to check the actual temperature, but I don't have to to know it's not fit for any living thing.  I'm trying to come up with a quick money-making scheme so that we can go somewhere hot, but have yet to come up with anything legal.  If a thousand people would send me $10 each, that would be awesome. 

I'll stop complaining about the weather now and go drink some more water.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should some sort of pyramid scheme (delete this comment if it works!!). I was thinking "I'd send Ellen 10 bucks, if in turn next year she sends me 10 along with everyone else and I can buy my tiny house".

Seriously - this could work!!!

Too cold to go to school is a completely acceptable excuse. It's shocking to think that I really DID walk to school in that kind of weather. That's just illegal.

I love the bathroom!! It looks fantastic!! I can't wait to pee in it again while waiting for you to come home!


Anonymous said...

The bathrooms looks great and I agree I can't wait to pee in it. Oh and your neighbor can see in!!! I always assumed that the glass was tinted or the angle was right to see in.

Daniel said...

Looks good! The plumber obviously knew that toilet paper will soon come in quadruple-sized rolls soon.

Um, -40 windchill this morning?!?!?! Sio, I think I'll send my $10 to L rather. Sorry.

Mrs White said...

Great job on the bathroom. Looks awesome.
I look forward to the opportunity to decorate at home myself. I'm a renter...so my options are limited. lol

Sorry I can't contribute to the getting out of dodge to the sun fund. lol I need one myself. Sure feels like hell is freezing over today. Stay warm.

Mrs White

Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks great!! I enjoyed peeing in it! Tell Dale I liked his caulk-ing job. If you need assistance with some tiling, I could do that for you. Glass tile? Jim

Corinna said...

Ah, my mom made your blog! I must comment on here officially then. TV was definitely a part of our slacker days, and with her recent acquisition of an ipod mini she is by far cooler and more fun than me when she hangs out with our kids. I think she'd approve of Spencer's day, wholeheartedly. My only question is, why didn't EVERYONE stay home so you didn't have to go anywhere?!? Also, with all this indoor recess happening, I'm sure he's only missing teacher's losing it and kids acting like squirrels. Or that could just be the substitute teacher in me from today talking.
Your bathroom looks great! Funny quasi-plumber...not anyone I know I hope? :) I like Daniel's theory on the toilet paper. That plumber was just thinking ahead.

Corinna said...

teachers...not teacher's...I'm losing it...

Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks super! And great job Dale on making the shelves and Ellen, great job on organizing the shelves!


Anonymous said...

Wow to the bathroom.

And yes, it is nice to spend Blue
Monday in Costa Rica...I'm so glad for my poor husband who I think actually suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). For real...he and Spencer are kindred spirits. I would tell you to look at Steve to get an idea of how Spencer will turn out but I'm not sure if that would be encouraging or discouraging to you. :)