Wednesday, February 27, 2013


When I do the math, I know baby Neve must be eight, but it’s hard to accept.  It seems like she’s been around forever, so it’s not that I feel like we just had her, but she still seems so young to me.  When Chloe was eight, she was like an adult.  And Neve … well, Neve’s still the baby that gets cuddled and squeezed and gets away with everything because she’s the baby.  The older kids had a hard-knock life compared to Neve.  Or maybe they were pampered at her age too and I just forget.  I’m sure that’s it.  Whatever the case, there was an “8” candle on the birthday cake, so the facts don’t lie.    

Neve has very specific ideas in her head of how she likes things and is a bit of a micro manager.  She wanted to bring cake pops to school for her birthday – white cake with pink coating and sprinkles.  Making cake pops is daunting for me and since it was a busy week (mostly rotating around her birthday celebrations), we had to plan ahead.  I made the cake on Wednesday afternoon, Dale, Chloe and I made the pops Wednesday night, and we packaged them Thursday night.  They turned out really good, although I shouldn’t have ignored the tip about trimming off the brown edges of the cake (ain’t nobody got time for that) because when the cake was all mushed up, the dark bits made it look like whole wheat cake.  Still, they were cute on the outside and I’ve got to say they tasted amazing.

cake pops

After school on Friday, I took the kids bowling, then Dale joined us for dinner at Boston Pizza.  The last time we went to BP, I wasn’t very impressed, but this time everything was perfect – the food, the service, the happy-birthday-singing.  Neve loved it.  Then we went home and had birthday cake with the relatives.  It was a great day; the only bad part for Neve was some stress at school when some girls gave her a hard time about not inviting everyone to her party.  Neve is very sensitive about stuff like that and is very careful not to mention her party at school.  We had talked about this possibility beforehand, and I told her if anyone asked about her party to blame it on me: “I really wanted to invite everyone, but my mom said I could only invite a few kids.”  She invited less than half of the girls in her grade, so it wasn’t like there were only a few left out.  Anyway, Neve handled it well, but she felt sad about it.  I hate drama and birthday party stress so much; I’m so glad the kids only have friend parties every other year.  According to my calculations, her 10th party in two years will probably be the last official kids birthday party we have.  Not like I'm counting the days or anything.

Boston Pizza employees singing happy birthday - I'm sure they're thrilled to be on my blog

Neve looking critically at her cake (although she said she loved it)

Despite my complaining, I love planning birthday parties.  Neve wanted a spa party, which delighted Chloe greatly, since she loves planning parties even more than me.  She planned the spa part, and I took care of the details.  This was the sign I made for the front door:

For those of you who aren't familiar with Winnipeg, Ten Spa is the name of one of the fanciest spas in town.  Unfortunately, Neve didn’t see the cleverness in this and wanted it changed to Neve’s Spa.  I changed the other signage, but I kept this one up on the front door because I knew the parents would get it.

When they arrived, the kids were shown to the waiting room, where fresh flowers and magazines awaited them.  They didn’t exactly sit there quietly like I hoped, but that was to be expected.  Then the workers (Chloe, my nieces and their international-student-sister), each called a small group of kids and took them upstairs to either the manicure, pedicure or facial station.  I just realized I am going into painfully minute detail here.  I’ll post pictures (ones that don't show the faces of kids whose parents I don't know well) and you can just take a look.

Relaxing before the guests/clients arrive

The help

Time got a little tight, so we took a quick break for snacks, cupcakes, and present-opening, then finished up with the spa treatments.  The girls seemed to really enjoy it and Neve had a lot of fun.

Cupcakes courtesy of Groupon and the Cupcake Corner

Thank you to all who made it a special day for her with calls and emails and cards and presents and coming to help celebrate.  Neve, if you’re reading this one day – ignore any complaining above.  The preparation and work were all one hundred percent Worth It to see you have fun and feel special.  You make us laugh every day at the funny things you say and do.  You love to dance and sing and you have a sparkle in your eye (except when you’re mad, and even then it’s not long until you’re laughing again).  You love fashion and you love to talk and talk and talk, until sometimes I have to tell you to stop or I’ll go crazy.  For example, today you spent the entire walk home from school telling me about an ice chunk you found in the school yard. You like to do things perfectly, from your schoolwork to making sure your outfit is exactly how you want it (a touch of OCD, but that’s okay!).   You are kind to your friends and you are excellent at keeping a secret.  We love you, Nevie!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Neve! You're 8 and a lovely young lady. I think you're spa birthday sounds absolutely dreamy. Will your mom and sister plan one for me?

P.S. Forgive your mom for the "eight" sign...I thought it was great. Your mom is a clever lady.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - this whole day sounds amazing!! I love spa idea and it looks like Chloe and co did a fabulous job!

happy belated birthday, Nevie!!



Daniel said...

Awwww, what a great party! The girls look so sophisticated, sipping their drinks and reading magazines while getting their toes done!