Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Kornelentines Day

My nieces joined us this morning for our annual Valentine's Day chocolate cake breakfast.  We loaded them up on sugar and sent them on their way.  It would be nice if Valentine's Day would always fall on a weekend so we wouldn't have to rush off to school and work right after breakfast,  but it's still a pretty sweet way to start a weekday.

Neve (I) made little iPhones to give to her classmates as valentines.  I found the template on Pinterest, but it still took me hours to customize and adjust it to the size of the candy hearts I bought.  Remember the night of little sleep that I mentioned in the last post?  That's when this project got done.

This is the card Neve started writing to her teacher before I saw it and made her erase it and start over.  They don't call their teacher by her first name.  I don't know where that came from.

Even though Spencer and Chloe don't have valentine parties anymore, they still wanted to give out valentines.   So this is what they (I) came up with.   Have I mentioned that I love valentines day?

The momentum of the day kind of fizzled after breakfast.  After work, we went to Dale's mom's for supper.  It was very nice, but not the romantic dinner of our youth.   But we're heading out of town for the weekend tomorrow, so we'll fit in a dinner of some sort then.  We're going to have ourselves an adventure - we're going to drive as far south as we can in one day, stay a couple of days, then drive back home.  We all like driving trips and are looking forward to a break.  When we go away, I am very good at completely forgetting I have any responsibilities.  I'll keep doing my picture of the day on Instagram (I've also put the link on the sidebar), so you can see what we're up to if you want.

A friend recently asked if I could design a "Love Wins" pin/button for the Marquez-Greene family.  That's the family who used to live in Winnipeg whose six-year-old daughter Ana was killed in the Connecticut school shooting.  My friend has a connection to the family and came up with the idea in hopes of supporting them emotionally and financially.  Once the pins are ready, I will have some available to distribute, so if you’re interested in supporting this family, let me know. I think there will be a suggested donation amount, but will let you know the details once it’s all worked out. (This has all been done with the approval of Ana’s family; the design is currently the profile picture for the Remembering Ana Marquez-Greene Facebook page and they welcome others to post it in Ana's honour as well.  I will even remove my bunny picture for this). 


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the breakfast, Bella LOVED it!!! Wow or the iPhone candy boxes! You just might be a little crazy, I mean crafty. Have a great trip, Jim

Anonymous said...

LOVE your post Ellen! The ipods, the fb valentines, the letter! Second favourite teacher!!!!! That is hilarious. I can't wait to tell the kids. They're still laughing about her "nipplets" comment. Then to top it off you did a fantastic job on the pin. I'm so proud of you! Have a fantastic weekend and for goodness sake, take Tuesday off! - Teresa

Anonymous said...

Wow...I keep seeing that pin everywhere on FB. I did not know you designed it! It's awesome! I don't know why you didn't let Neve give the teacher that card. :) Will be looking forward to reading about your adventures.


Anonymous said...

All I know it that I wish your kids were my friends so they would give me the Valentine's you make. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
P.S. No mobile maitre d? We ordered take out from Galo Louca (Portuguese)...they had wonderful fries, and I'm so glad we ordered the "mild" burned my kids' faces off.
P.P.S. My security word is 'emonites' that some sort of nation in the Old Testament??

Daniel said...

Oh my, I love Neve's card!!!! That is priceless!

Nice work on the pin design - I hope it helps bring comfort to the family.

Enjoy your drive!! Sounds like fun, and I'm looking forward to the (what, 3?) pics from it.

("Iagerssl", [the Norwegian god of icicles, I think] is my robot word)