Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring?

I couldn’t bring myself to blog earlier this week.  The saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” kept coming to mind.  Waking up to lots of new snow Monday morning messed with my head and made me feel angry and sad and hopeless.  After getting the kids to school, I drove straight to the shoe store and bought myself some heavy duty winter boots.  I’ve gone through three pairs of boots this year (two hand-me-down pairs that fell apart and one ridiculously impractical pair that gets sopping wet when they come in contact with snow).  So I figured if winter isn’t ever going to end, I have to get serious.  I bought ugly practical warm boots that I’ve been wearing ever since.  (I also bought a pair of high heeled burgundy suede/faux crocodile skin boots, to balance the function with fashion).  Anyway, after my new purchases, followed by a visit to Kristin’s which always cheers me up, I felt a little better.  Reading an article in the newspaper about a healthy 10 year old girl who passed away unexpectedly after minor surgery also helped put things in perspective.  Many, many people would be ecstatic if their only complaint was a bit of snow that will melt in a few weeks.  So I will shut up and suck it up.

Well I won’t completely shut up.  All the comparisons between this year and last year are getting tedious, but seriously!  This was last year:


This is this year:

I do take some comfort in this blog entry from last year.  Things can change quickly.  Right??  Lie to me and tell me it’s true.  But right now it’s COLD outside.  I went to donate blood yesterday and I was almost turned away because my temperature was too low.  I’ve never even heard of that.  They made me wait for 15 minutes and then they took my temperature again.  It had risen to exactly the cut-off point, so fortunately I was then able to donate my cold blood.

Neve had crazy hair day at school yesterday.  I love crazy hair day.  One year, I made a nest on the top of Chloe’s head with her hair and stuck a little Tweety bird in it.  This is what we did this year:

After school, Neve complained about all the attention she got, but I know she loved it.  I doubt the teacher loved it as much as Neve did; Neve’s braids (with a hard wire in the middle) kept hitting people in the head and she and her friend Zoe, who had lots of little ponytails, kept getting stuck together and the teacher had to untangle them twice.


Anonymous said...

I love that the teacher had to extricate the girls from each other's pony tails. That's awesome!

I was Pippi Longstockings for Halloween once. By the end of the day the wire hanger my mother had used for my pony tails was hurting my head so bad that I had to figure out a different costume for trick or treating later that evening. I think I went as a fortune teller or something.

Happy Vernal Equinox!
It's coming....really.

Anonymous said...

I also loved that the teacher had to untangle the girls! My friend Julie and I used to braid our hair together in protest when it was time for one of us to go home. Another good crazy hair do is a palm tree. Pony high on the head with lots of elastics all the way up to look like the rings of the palm tree. Coloured hair spray for beach and water and green palm leaves. I did it in hair school and then when I nannied for Sarah in Hawaii.

I can totally empathise with the feeling of hopelessness when there is more snow at the end of March. I remember it all too well. I am sure retail sales went up this week for all the shopping therapy that went on. If it makes you feel any better, we sent your brother home on his bike in a crazy wind storm last night. Okay, maybe it wasn't a STORM, but it was crazy, and he lives pretty much uphill most of the way home from us. But he did stop for a cheeseburger on the way for fuel so it was all good in the end.

I am glad the ugly boots are keeping your feet warm!



Anonymous said...

AND I want pictures of the sexy red boots as well as the described ugly boots.


Daniel said...

Wow! that is a lot of snow!! I'll be sure to wear my winter boots when I come in two weeks!! Of course, I'll also bring my sandals, just in case.
LOVE Neve's hair!! Did she have to walk through doorways sideways? That's funny about getting tangled with her friend!
Thanks for reminding me - I need to go give blood.