Monday, March 11, 2013

More birthdays

Counting the candles?  Pointing at the amazing Marble Slab ice cream cake?  About to extinguish the flame with his fingers?

Today is my little brother's birthday, so I'll give him top billing on the blog (best present ever!).  We were at Jim & Sabrina’s last night celebrating birthdays, both his and Bella’s (she turned 5 last Wednesday).  It was a very fun night with lots of family, lots of kids, and lots of food. 

My niece and my great-niece (who turned 1 on Thursday and had a fabulous party herself) - love this!

 My niece Lexie is usually happy and good natured, but she was feeling a little under the weather and wasn’t quite her usual self. My sister made Bella a hat for her birthday; here’s Lexie expressing her envy with an outstretched hand. 

Now for those of you who have been on the edge of your seat wondering if I would follow through on cleaning up my pile o’ stuff* in the corner of my study, you can exhale.  Remember the "before?"
And now ... the pile is gone!  It's like magic!  Or is it?  Maybe I just moved it out of the lens' reach.
Okay, it's mostly gone.  All that remains is a basket of books that were left from last summer’s yard sale.  I love books and my kids love books, but our shelves are overflowing.  I kept trying to convince Spencer to read some of them, but if they aren’t by Tolkien or Rick Riordan or the person who writes Big Nate books, he’s not interested.  So I will box them up tomorrow (or the next day, or next week ....) and put them away for the kids to try and sell yet again at our neighbour’s annual spring garage sale. 

Since I was in the area, I also cleaned off my nearby desk and put a hook on the side to hang my laptop bag.  I thought that would be a better spot for it than on the floor, getting stepped on and collecting dust bunnies.

That's probably one of the least dramatic before/after projects ever, but I'm just happy that one little corner of my house is clean; there are many, many more to go. 

* Fun fact:  Spencer tries to never say or write the word "of," always substituting the o' instead.  I can only imagine how his teacher must enjoy that.


Daniel said...

I love the great pictures o' the kids!! You've really got the hang o' your camera, with the depth o' field - gives it a great feeling. I think Jim is reading along with his finger - does he STILL do that?!? Good work on the pile!

Anonymous said...

I love you guys. L's blog makes me smile and Dan's comment makes me smile...and thinking of Jim reading his cake using his finger makes me smile. Do his lips get tired when he reads too? :P
(as you can tell I love the sibling banter going on here too).

Yeah for the pile! Some o' those books might look all right in our library--please remind us when your neighbour has a garage sale.


Anonymous said...

I just couldn't believe Sabrina found a cake with BOTH our names on it!!! (Bella asked how the cake maker knew our names) Nice pics once again. Jim

Bathroom said...

Super cute!