Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Spring Break Recap

I don’t blog for a few days and then suddenly it’s someone’s birthday again.  I always have to dig deep for some enthusiasm by the time Spencer’s birthday comes around.  Sorry, Spencer of the Future.  It’s not your fault.  Your conception was ill-timed.  If someone ever writes a parenting manual, the first chapter should be on spacing out the birthdates of your children.  Except if you’re my aunt Esther, who had two children on her birthday and one on her husband’s birthday 26 days later.  That’s just awesome. 

I believe Spencer’s day got off to a good start.  I made scones for breakfast and he walked to Starbucks before school to get his free birthday frappucino.  I'm pretty sure that any day you walk into your grade six classroom holding a venti cookie crumble frappucino in one hand and a bowl full of cake pops in the other is guaranteed to be a good day.  My friends Kristin and Corinna wanted a cake pop lesson (since I’ve made cake pops twice before and am basically a cake pop expert. My cake pops NEVER fall off the stick - haha), and we just happened to plan it for the day before Spencer’s birthday, so that was lucky for me.  So much more fun than starting it at 11:00 the night before and then realizing you have to bake a cake first.  Thanks, girls!

I’ll do a full birthday report tomorrow or next week or just before the next birthday.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures and an update.

I already posted some pictures from spring break; here are a few more.  If ever a week flew by, it was that one.  I hope Easter doesn’t happen during spring break again for many years.  It shortened spring break and it took away the anticipation of Easter.  

Besides the few days at my parents’ house, the only deliberate spring break activity we did was going rollerskating at Wheelies.  Neve went to a birthday party there a few weeks ago and has been asking to go back ever since.  It was pretty fun and brought me way back to school trips to Saints Roller Rink.  Those were magical times, with music and dim lighting and holding hands with boys as we skated.  Wheelies wasn’t quite as magical, possibly because Spencer kept asking every five minutes if it was time to go home yet.  Dale and I did skate a few laps with intertwined fingers; my heart wasn't beating quite as fast as it did back then, but the conversation was less awkward, so that was good. 

There was a limbo contest, so I thought I’d get right in there and be the cool mom.  I made it under the bar twice before I realized all the other participants were under 12 and there was no way this was going to end well for me.  Smacking into the bar?  Embarrassing.  Winning?  Even more so.  I quietly withdrew with grace and dignity, and Neve ended up winning the whole thing.  The prize was a bag of blue cotton candy, so I was even happier I didn’t win because when I was young, my mom told me that cotton candy was a sin.  Just when I was old enough to wonder if maybe she was exaggerating, I started having kids and realized it really is a sin.  But Neve happily ate her blue sin, so apparently I’m not as effective as my mom is in getting that message across.

Chloe grudgingly arrived home from Miami on Monday night.  She had the post-holiday blues, answering each of our excited questions with a mournful, “I wish I was in Florida.”  She had the time of her life; going to the beach, to Key West, shopping, an epic Easter treasure hunt, and most of all, just hanging out with her cousin.  She did great with all her flights and connections and handled everything well.  I can't blame her for not wanting to come back to our prairie snow, but it’s so nice to have her home again.


Anonymous said...

I agree..we were ripped off with Easter falling during spring break. This year I was so un- inspired I had the kids hide the treats for each other. it just ended up in fights about hiding places rather than a fun!
BTW..congrats on the IB for Chloe...I am with you all the way and made sure Tanner registered for pre cal and honours English. Tiger moms rule!
-Cousin Carolyn

Anonymous said...

The plus side of Tiger Moms...your kids can responsibly go on air planes alone at age 15 and survive and have fun and make awesome memories. :)

p.s. I agree too with spring break flying by...Easter is awesome any time, but spring break is more awesome when Easter has it's own days. :)

Anonymous said...

Chloe made a plan 2 years ago, saved her OWN money, and then got on a plane and travelled across the country - making connections - ON HER OWN.

Tiger Moms RULE!!!

And Chloe made the IB program?? WOW!! Go Tiger cub, GO!!

And I'm with Chloe on not wanting to come back from vacay. Although we did return to plus 15 while the rest of the family went back to Winnipeg, so not really complaining.