Friday, May 31, 2013


I'm sure you've all been wondering all day if I managed to get up early to go for a run.  I'm pleased to say I did.  However, I only ran two miles instead of four and I wouldn't even have gone at all if I'd realized it was raining.  I hate running in the rain, but it was a very light rain so it wasn't that bad.

I had a full day today and it got fuller when Dale's car wouldn't start this morning.  He still doesn't have his new car since the earliest the cruise control could be installed is Monday (he could've gotten the car this week and then brought it back to the shop on Monday, but it's a hassle because the shop is in Headingley and it's supposed to take four hours).  Thank goodness he's already bought a new car or this would be a frantic weekend of car shopping.  Anyway, he had to get to Oakbank to see his 9:00 client somehow and since I needed a vehicle throughout the day, I drove him to work. That was an hour and half of my life I'll never get back.  It was complicated trying to get everyone where they were supposed to be on time; Neve was 45 minutes late for school, and I completely missed the volunteer tea at Spencer's school, but the other three did okay.  I had to be back at Spencer's school to help with pizza lunch, so that was fine.  I've been at his school more this week than in the past three months combined.  My favourite was digging through the lost and found bins trying to find Spencer's gym shorts.  He lost them a week or two ago and said he's looked for them, but sometimes (always) I'm a better finder.  I dug through giant bins full of sweaty gym clothes and smelly socks and old lunches until I decided I'd rather just buy him new shorts.

The best part of my day was hanging out with my new personal shopper.  My friend Rachel is good at absolutely everything from cooking to decorating to fashion and beyond.  We went to the mall today, where she had set aside a bunch of clothes for me from the store she works at.  I tried them on and she helped me put things together and brought me different sizes as needed and told me what looked good.  This is my dream come true.  I don't like shopping for myself, but this was the best thing every.  To top it off, she bought it with her staff discount so I got four tops and a sweater for a steal.

Oh, happy hour was another best part of my day.  So was my niece Tia's school musical.  Her high school put on "Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat," which I've never seen before.  For some reason, I wasn't expecting it to be so good, but it was fantastic.  (I've said it before: it's all about having low expectations!)  This was seriously the best high school play I've ever seen.  It was high energy, fast-moving, and a lot of fun.  It's the first musical ever that I was sorry to see end.  Usually I'm sneaking glances at the program whenever the lighting is bright enough just to see how close to the end we are.  The whole audience seemed to really enjoy it and it looked like the kids were having a great time, which is how it should be.  Way to go, Tia!

And that's my day.  Hope you had a good Friday too.  Feel free to leave a comment with your day's highlight.  It doesn't have to be all about me.


Anonymous said...

I too would have given up the shorts for loss in the sweaty lost & found bin. Yuck. Especially if those shorts were as old as your old fridge. :P

My highlight today (don't tell Dale):
I had a crepe with Michelle Samanta and Stephen while we discussed Luke 12...mmm whipped cream, fruit and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

The play was awesome!! Just like our plays back in high school in Rosenort!! Jim

Daniel said...

Does Rachel's store sell men's clothing? If so, I'll bring an extra suitcase in summer. ;-)

My highlight was pretending I wasn't a 'Floor Warden' for our fire drill at work, and going the opposite direction from the 'meeting place', enjoying a nice walk instead, to unwind from a crazy busy week.