Monday, May 27, 2013


It's shaping up to be a busy week, which will make it easier to find things to blog about.  On top of regular things like work, laundry, Neve's soccer, a hill-training run, and baking snickerdoodle cookies, we bought two new things today.  Actually we bought one of the things last week, but it was delivered today.  And the other item was bought today, but we won't have it until later this week.  Both are things that will change our lives for the better.  I bet you're so curious.  No?  You know I'm going to tell you anyway.

The item that was delivered today is .... a new refrigerator!  We bought our old one 14 years ago when we first moved into this house.  You're probably thinking, "Fourteen years... yeah, it's about time."  But you would be wrong.  We bought the fridge second hand, when it was already very old and suitable for little more than a garage fridge.  Since we had other new home expenses at the time, we decided to buy something cheap just to last a year or two until we could magically afford the fridge of our dreams.  Now that I'm older and wiser, I know there is never a time when there is extra money just laying around, waiting to be spent on something we don't really need.  As long as the fridge was working, a new one wasn't a priority.  But then one day several years ago, something bumped the lightbulb and it shattered.  The base of the bulb was stuck in the socket and we couldn't get it out.  Whenever we accidentally touched the socket area, sparks flew and blew the breaker.  Still, we didn't feel that a new fridge was our top priority.  We became very good at avoiding the socket area and we got used to having no light in the fridge.  From time to time, I would daydream about a nice new fridge with a light, but the thought would leave my mind quickly, just like all my other thoughts do.  Then last weekend, I accidentally bumped the top of the milk jug into the socket area and I heard a zap and sparks flew all over, including at my feet.  That annoyed me, but I flipped the breaker back on and carried on.  Later that day, the exact same thing happened to Neve.  That was my tipping point; the one that 99.9% of people would have reached years ago.  So Dale and I went and ordered a new fridge that very day.  Oh, and then later that week, a frozen block of Philadelphia cream cheese fell out of the freezer and gave Neve a big cut above her eye.  She tells everyone it's a cream cheese injury.  I know with the new fridge, the freezer will NEVER be so full and messy that you have to shove things in and slam the door.  It will remain sparkling clean and organized all of its days.

It's nothing fancy - no icemaker, no bottom freezer, no computerized smart-fridge that controls your life - just a new, energy efficient version of our old one.  It's a bit bigger, but it still fits into the space where the studs were hollowed out so it doesn't stick out.  It's clean and shiny and best of all, it has a light.

The other new item is less exciting to me, but Dale's pretty happy.  He bought himself a new (to him) car today. When it comes to cars (and fridges), we make do with what we have for a long time.  Neither of us care that much about cars (or fridges), so it's easier to just stick with what you have.  We'd actually been looking at new vans, since ours is nearing its golden years.  But then I drove Dale's car the other day and convinced him he needed a new vehicle more than I do.  It has served him well, but there are a lot of things that need repairs, including some that have crossed the line into the danger zone likes brakes and coolant leaks that give him headaches.  Anyway, long story short, he bought a Nissan Sentra;  they have to install cruise control, but he should have full custody later this week.

Upon hearing about our exciting day of new acquisitions, a friend asked me if we'd won a lottery without telling anyone.  Unfortunately we did not, but it's amazing what you can get when you just sign your name on a piece of paper.  I love it!  I'm partially blaming/crediting Teresa; her death has made me want to enjoy life more, and I know she would have strongly encouraged us to just go for it.  We might go yacht shopping tomorrow.  

Neve walked home for lunch with some neighbours today, and when I went outside to meet her on the sidewalk, she was running towards me with a big smile and an even bigger bunch of dandelions for me.  I loved that even more than a new fridge or a new car.  Although I do love the fridge a lot.


Daniel said...

Awwww, Neve and her bouquet are beautiful! And easily trump the fridge and car.

Anonymous said...

Whoa...your old fridge was crazy! I'm so glad you got a new one. I'm proud that you kept your old fridge and made it work as long as you could, but man, that sounded like an electrical fire waiting to happen...or was that what you were going house post fire? :P You know you can't take me seriously since we just bought a new stereo after we decided my (pre-marriage) stereo was an electrical fire hazard when it kept sounding like it was going to blow every time it was plugged or unplugged which we had to do all the time because when we left it on in stand by mode it had this ominous static-y hum going on. We lived with that scariness for a long time before it finally died and didn't work at all...thus necessitating an actual purchase of a new one. Ahem.

Hooray for Dale and his new Sentra! And hooray for you for taking your cars into their golden years. All of your living within your means impresses me. Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Ya cars don't do anything for me either. I could easily live without them. Nice work on the new car, Dale. Nice fridge as well, very excited for you! Now you need all new appliances to match.......maybe in 14 yrs.

Stephen said...

Haha. Seriously, it's funny what we'll put up with to avoid spending money or expending effort. Case in point: Sheri-Lee's cooking. (That was a joke).
Real case-in-point: fixing a bathroom door so the bolt actually catches and door stays closed. Time involved with 2 young boys doing all the drilling (with my help): 15 minutes. Years spent never closing the door properly: 7.

L said...

S-L, yes both the fridge and cars were something bad waiting to happen. Your stereo story made me feel a little better. And living within our means = cheap + boring. haha But I'm glad you're impressed.

Jim - 14 yrs to get matching appliances? As if! Our microwave just started making weird noises a few years ago; I'm thinking we have at least 20 years left.

Steve - nice work! If you had fixed the door 7 yrs ago, you would take it for granted. Now you can appreciate the closing door and feel so handy and proud every day. Sometimes procrastination is a gift that keeps on giving.