Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today’s highlights included:
  • Discovering the new refrigerator was covered in a thin plastic film that was supposed to be removed.  Once we took it off, the finish was much nicer and the mark that I thought was a scratch was gone.  I feel silly I didn’t realize there was a protective film on it, but it’s not like we’ve ever had a new fridge before.  We also put the handles on so it’s all good to go.  I threw away a lot of expired salad dressings and empty jam jars when I cleaned out the old fridge, and tonight Dale went grocery shopping and filled it with nice fresh produce and dairy products.  I’m so pleased with the whole situation that it was almost worth waiting 14 years for.
  • Going to a volunteer appreciation tea at Neve’s school.  All the kids in the school sang a medley of Beatles songs, which was so awesome.  I’m not just saying that, it was the cutest thing ever.  Neve and I hadn’t talked about the volunteer tea before school today, and she told me later that she thought I had forgotten about it.  She sang her heart out, looking at me and smiling the whole time. 

  • The Goldeyes game.  It was school patrol night (really? who came up with that?) so I ordered three tickets some time ago.  Things always seem like a good idea far in advance.  After school today, we were still trying to decide which three were going.  Not which three had the privilege of going; which three had to go.  Chloe, Spencer and I lost.  In hindsight, we actually won.  A rainy afternoon turned into a beautiful evening and we had a great time.  We ate junk food and actually got into the game and stayed for the whole thing.  The Goldeyes won, which was a bonus because now if we bring the ticket in somewhere (McDonalds, Sal’s?) we get a free something if we order something.  I should’ve listened more closely.  I’m hoping we can go to another game or two this season, but next time I hope they don’t hand out free inflatable clapping sticks.  I’m going to bring something sharp just in case.

Beautiful view of the new museum

I sent Dale a pic of us having fun at the baseball game and this is what he sent back to show me how much fun he and Neve were having.  Nice try.  Neve's smile looks forced.  I like how he must have staged the photo to show only the healthy things and hide the Froot Loops and Oreos. 


Anonymous said...

Yeah for Goldeyes games!


Anonymous said...

Fun blogs to read! Sorry I got behind. We're moving. That's how we deal with needing new appliances. We just move and use someone else's appliance. So far, I've had a new fridge (and stove and sometimes even a washer and dryer) on average about every 18 months. Some people think we are crazy, I say we are adventurous, maybe even plucky - mostly because i like how that word sounds. Plucky. There goes Sio. Do you know her? She's really plucky.

I just love your blog Ellen!! It's especially great for us plucky folk outside of Winnipeg. So great to "see" you this way!

Plucky Sio

joan said...

Hilarious blog El!
I'm also hoping to go to a game this year. The museum looks amazing....haven't been by there for awhile.