Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Our next door neighbour moved away today.  He’s lived here the whole time we’ve been in this house, which as mentioned in yesterday’s post, is 14 years.  His wife was around for most of those years, but they parted ways about five years ago.  I was happy it was him who stayed in the house.  He was the perfect next door neighbour – a nice, older, laid-back Mennonite man who didn’t socialize much and was hard of hearing.  Can it get better than that?  I have other neighbours down the street that I love more, but I’d feel sorry for them if they lived right next door.  It was nice that my neighbour man couldn’t hear the kids being loud or me yelling at the kids not to be loud.  He rarely (never?) had friends over, but didn’t care when we had parties.  He let us eat all the apples we wanted from his tree of life – oh wait, that’s Satan.  Wrong story.  He did have an apple tree though, which Neve ate clean every year. 

The neighbour has taken early retirement and is moving to a place in the country.  I’m happy for him, but sad to see him go.  The house has been sold to someone who’s going to flip it, so we won’t know who our new neighbours will be for a while yet.  I should point out that our neighbours on the other side are awesome neighbours too and we’ve always gotten along well.  But they spend a lot of time outside in summer too and even though they never, ever complain, I feel bad when my kids are noisy.  I know we are very lucky – I’ve heard some pretty horrible ‘bad neighbour’ stories.

While he was packing and purging, he asked if I was interested in an old Mac computer.  I thought maybe Spencer could use it for Minecraft or something, so I said sure.  Next thing I knew, I had a giant old red Apple computer on my kitchen counter.  I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so old or quite so large.  Then he asked if I also wanted a Mac laptop – “much newer and faster” than the desktop.  Not one to learn from my mistakes, I said yes.  Now the ancient desktop has an ancient clamshell laptop friend.  The desktop emits a hum that would distract you from any work you tried to do on it, neither is capable of wi-fi, and the operating systems are older than all of my kids put together.  They both have Photoshop, Quark, and other design programs installed, but they’re really old versions.  Now that I’ve done an awesome marketing job, let me know if you want them.
- - - - - -

Overheard this afternoon:

Neve to one of her best friends:  Did you know you’re not my best friend?  God is.

Long pause

Neve’s friend:  Who’s your second best friend?


Anonymous said...

Who's your second best friend? Awesome. Hope you have great new neighbours (after the flip).


joan said...

Haha...only Neve!
Great neighbours can never be taken for granted...we also have the best!

Mrs White said...

Hope your new neighbors are just as awesome and understanding. lol

I wish my neighbors would move. lol I live in a basement and they've been running a home daycare so you can imagine what I have to deal with. But, i'm not a complainer. So, I guess I fit in the category of awesome neighbor too. lol Ok, wait, I complain, I just did....just not to them. hahaha

God Bless your family

Mrs White