Monday, June 17, 2013

Marathon 2013

I still haven't gotten around to the San Francisco recap, so I'll slip in the marathon update first.  Despite predictions of rain, the weather was perfect.  Sunny and warm, but not too warm.  My neighbour-friend Karen and my sister's family were all running as well so it was fun meeting up with them all before hand.  We all had a good run: I reached my goal of running the half in under two hours (1:57) and Dale was very close behind at 2:02.  I think I started off too fast because I was struggling towards the end. I kept waiting for a fresh burst of energy in the last half, but it never came.  The last two miles were really tough and I wanted to walk so badly but two things kept me going: knowing that the faster I got to the end, the sooner it would be over; and knowing how disappointed I would be if I didn't achieve my sub-two hour goal.  I had written Teresa's name on my wrist for extra motivation, so I tried to focus on that too.  Teresa was actually not at all fond of the marathon, but as a fast runner who pushed herself, I knew she'd be cheering me on and encouraging me to keep going. I was very happy to see the finish line and happened to meet up with Karen and a guy from church, so we went to the recovery area and loaded up with all the free food they hand out.  An awesome new addition this year was mini cupcakes from Cupcake Corner, which almost made those last two miles Worth It. 

Spencer, Chloe, Bob, Janet, Tia, Bailey, and Bailey's boyfriend all did the 10K.  Spencer ran ahead and finished in 1 hour and 27 seconds, and the rest weren't far behind.  He did really well and was so thrilled with his run.  My nephew Jonathan also ran the half and did it in a crazy time of 1:40.  His mom and Dale's mom were there too, cheering us all on.  It's always a really fun atmosphere and definitely a highlight for the kids.  Neve didn't want to participate this year, so she stayed at Jim & Sabrina's for night.  She says she'll do the Super Run next year, but I think she had a lot of fun with Bella, so that might be a greater pull than running. 

I'm feeling pretty sore today and am trying to avoid all activities that involve squatting or descending stairs.  I wasn't nearly this sore after my long training runs, but I guess that means I pushed myself harder.  Or didn't stretch enough.  Or something. 

The only problem with the marathon is that we're all too tired to do much for Father's Day.  I'm glad I don't have to run 13 miles on Mother's Day.  But I mustered up a picnic lunch (which Dale just wanted to eat at home) and then we went to my parent's for supper later.  


Anonymous said...

My feelings are not too hurt that you forgot to mention I also ran part of the marathon with you as you were zooming by. Congrats on your time! You are amazing!
-cousin Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Congrats on sub 2! Way to go!

Super proud of you.

Daniel said...

Way to go!! I'm with Neve - I'd much rather play with Bella & Lexie, no matter how good the mini cupcakes were!

Mrs White said...

That's awesome!
Excellent time. Oh my....I can't imagine finishing that fast. Then again, I'm getting ready for my absolute 1st Half. I have no clue what a good time is for a newbie. lol

I recently hurt myself running a 10k so trying to make sure i'm healed before getting back to my training. The HIP.'s sore. Just felt something pop about 1/2km to the finish.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to getting back to running and completing my next goal.

Mrs White