Saturday, June 01, 2013


The car dealership called this morning to say Dale's new car was ready to be picked up today instead of Monday.  This was very happy news since Dale's old car is a lump of useless metal stuck in our  parking spot, waiting for Teen Challenge to come drag it away.  We drove the new car to my parents' house tonight and it lived up to all of Dale's hopes and dreams.  There is one small glitch to be worked out before we can fully register it, so Dale has to take it back to the dealership Monday morning and they'll have a loaner car for him to take to work.

My mom made us soup and fresh bread and rhubarb cake for supper, which was delicious.  I hope no one is tired of zip line photos because it's just the beginning of a whole new zip line season.  My dad continues to make adjustments to it; now there's a little seat instead of just a bar to sit on, and a little buffer at the end of the line in case someone fails to use the brakes.

Spencer finally got to use the archery set he got for Christmas.  All three kids are going to my parents' next weekend while Dale and I are away, so there will be lots of time for zip lining and archery and everything else they love to do.


Anonymous said...

Going away next weekend?! Hooray for you and Dale! I'm drinking coffee with left over whipped cream from our crepe night so I'm super excited and using a lot of exclamation marks!

I think your car picture looks like an advertisement (and because I'm happy coffee-d I'm pronounce that ad-ver-tis-ment with a short i sound...that's the Scotch in me).

Lovely post. Every time you post about your parents I want to be part of your family. Can I adopt them as an aunt and uncle?

Another great day outside. Enjoy.

Anonymous said... post yesterday...the week is over. :(